Mets Chat Room; the circus is in town.

Game #115 vs. Phillies

Evidently, the Mets weren’t all that “disappointed” in the behavior of closer Francisco Rodriguez as word is the combustible closer could be available to pitch as soon as tomorrow. Of course, with their ace facing a civil suit for rape, just how much could they say?

There were suspension limitations without facing a grievance from the Players Association, but it would have been interesting to see them tangle and watch what lame defense the MLBPA would come up with to defend assault.

The Mets’ handling of their off-season issues has been embarrassingly poor from the disciplinary stances of Rodriguez and Santana to  their lack of activity in the off-season and at the trading deadline in bolstering its pitching staff.

I understand the clubhouse mentality of “he’s our teammate and we support him,” but I wonder how much they really will embrace him for his behavior in front of their wives, girlfriends and children. Carlos Beltran, the quiet one, came out strongest calling what Rodriguez did was wrong. Otherwise, the word “mistake,” was thrown out too much.

Evidently, the words from his father-in-law, to quit being a baby, man up and play better.”

Those words can apply to ownership on down.

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  1. FIRST INNING: Dickey coming off his worst start of the season. Let’s face it, the Mets need nothing less than a sweep to breathe a little life into them.-JD

  2. BOTTOM FIRST INNING: The strikeouts are starting to mount again for David Wright. … Let’s see if he can come up with a fly ball here.-JD

  3. Pat Misch starting tomorrow. After the embarrassment that was K-Rod, I’m sure they didn’t want to go through more humiliation by trotting Perez out there tomorrow.-JD

  4. If the Mets can some how sweep the Phillies, they have seven games against the Astros and Pirates. That’s a chance to pick up some ground. Keep things interesting.-JD

  5. Nice start for Dickey. They are a .500 team with him. Can you imagine where they’d be without Dickey and Takahashi? They kept the boat afloat when Maine and Perez tanked.-JD

  6. i think sybil is sick two pitchers in a week allowed to go 9 innings?

    time to see a doctor.

  7. john(32)

    i an just looking for options as there is a mlb rule against pitchers, esp met pitchers going 9 innings.

  8. to answer an earlier question posed on a different thread.

    the season would have been over a long time ago without tonights pitcher and taki.

    considering all the injury questions with the pitchers and the effectiveness issues with the pitchers, the fact this team continues to sit on its hands season after season shows where its priorities lie.

  9. A QUICK WRAP/Game #115

    FINAL: Mets 1, Phillies 0.
    RECORD: 58-57.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: R.A. Dickey rebounded from his worst start of the season to throw a masterful one-hit shutout.
    ON THE MOUND: Dickey struck out seven and walked one.
    AT THE PLATE: Mike Hessman had a homer taken away on a replay. Runner on third, no outs and they leave him. … Back-to-back doubles by David Wright and Carlos Beltran accounted for the run.
    IN THE FIELD: A couple of nice plays by Jose Reyes early.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Pat Misch goes tomorrow night.- JD

  10. dave (36): Overall, the starting pitching has been mostly good. The offense and bullpen have dragged the team down. … It would have been interesting had Jason Bay hit his season.-JD

  11. i am not trying to be negative here after a met starter pitches a one hitter.

    but this season is over as your poll shows.

    i am glad RA pitched a gem. this team needs it. but realistically. every game is just a showcase.

    it is time for the young players to get experience and show they belong.

    it is time for the dead wood to show they have a pulse so we can shed them as fast as possible.

    it is time for ownership to show they care and discuss a plan for how they will make this team relevant again.

    bring up the young talent. get rid of the overpriced dead wood.

    put a team on the field that the fans want to come see.

    do not pretend you are the yankees and price accordingly. perhaps fans will show up again and you will make money.

  12. john(38)

    all you say is true.

    every year there are obstacles.

    the pen has been good for a large part of the season. a major problem for the pen, year after year, after year is the rotation.

    how long can the pen be effective when 40% of your rotation pitches half a game? when your starters are limited to 6+ innings? when the manager rides the hot hand into the dust?

    the closer has been a waste for much of the season. bay as you say is a no show. but when injuries forced ike and ruben to start the team came together. pagan has been the most consistent everyday player and has been a pleasant surprise.

    so what does the team do? the demote ruben so that an old, past his prime middle infielder can get his licks. a player who cannot field to the extent that they craft the positioning to mitigate his faults. a player who is a below avg hitter who has no power. a player who decides to sacrifice a player over so the pitcher can drive the runner in.

    this team was constructed to lose. just like the past 5 years.

  13. just think. this year as last has no hope of playing in the post season in august.

    as i write this i hear jerry talk about the team being competitive.

    what exactly does that mean? this team has no hope of playing in the post season.

    exactly what are they competitive in? playing for last place?

    i understand that pat misch is finally coming up to play in queens.

    why was he not called up two months ago?

    what rational reason does this team have for keeping the only pitcher in the minors who has a hope of helping the team win this year in AAA while the team loses game after game until they are doomed to repeat the fate of the past few years?

    was it to protect Ollie Perez? A player who has not been effective in years? A player who has not been effective at all this year? A pitcher who has no future with this team?

  14. John – Thanks so much for writing what you did for the opening to this chat room. Those words needed to be said and I for one am most appreciative that you wrote them.