Mets Chat Room; picking up the pieces … again.

Game #114 vs. Rockies

Once again, it is up to Johan Santana to pick up the pieces following another Mets’ loss. This one a crushing defeat when the bullpen and offense conspired to take a win away from Jonathan Niese.

With a little run support, Santana could have 13, 14 wins by now, but the Mets simply don’t score for him. They don’t score for anybody these days. Maybe this afternoon against Colorado it will be different, but there were no such signs coming out of last night’s loss which featured seven straight Mets striking out.

David Wright is in the midst of a 2-for-33 slide and the strikeouts are mounting again. He could get the afternoon off. Jerry Manuel also hinted at giving Jose Reyes a day off, too. Reyes recently admitted his concentration wanders at time and he loses focus.

Reyes’ game, especially defensively, has been spotty lately.

NOTE: I have another work assignment today and won’t be in the chat room until later in the game.

27 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; picking up the pieces … again.

  1. so .. will jerry learn from last night? and leave santana in.. and let him finish the win..

  2. nice at bat by santana moving the runner and getting on 1st base. butcher boy play.
    if doesnt get a complete game manuel needs to be fired.

  3. Santana is getting the complete game. I think Krod being driven off to court had something to do with it.

  4. hey now that we dont have a closer. and the starters actually are on the winning end of a pitchers duel. Maybe we will see more completes now..

    *back to reality* NAAAAH not with M&M managing.

  5. oh.

    i forgot.

    the cops have krod in a room in shea.

    so jerry couldnt bring him out.

    he had no choice but to leave johan in.

  6. i just read that niese has 7 games with at most one run and 7 innings.

    the last rookies to do that was doc(15) and darling(7)

  7. 17. Dave. not a room. a holding cell.

    They had to he was under house arrest and probably deemed a flight risk and since the mets probably hold his VISA , there ya go.

    Santana is getting sued. thats another distraction but he didnt let it get to him..

    Santana threw knowing Manuel could give KRod the baby save.

  8. steve

    he hit his father in law. most likely it wont go to court.

    the santana thing is something else. and yes. he wasnt distracted.

  9. BTW: I have to give credit to manuel. The post game interview he handle VERY WELL.

    so for those people that say i am always on against the man. there ya go. i just gave him credit because he earned it.

    Also i found it telling that he told the press santana told him Not to see him at the mound he has today.

    always good to hear.

  10. 21. dave, he did this in the family room. In front of witnesses. Depending on teh situation he can be deported fined suspended and fined.. all the above.
    The fact that players wives and kids were there to witness and were very uncomfortable and scared.. This doesnt Bode well..

    We shall see what is done in the next 2 days.

  11. really?

    either way it is a family thing.

    if the family doesnt press charges most likely everyone will want it to die.

    that does not mean the wilpons wont trade him in the offseason.

  12. so he wont have to worry about divorce. just child support. If he is smart he will just stay away from that family. Just be the Daddy and not be a husband/boyfriend or anything more if he wants to keep his 11 million. so far he only lost 125K i say only because for KRod its only.