Another meltdown ….

So much for Hisanori Takahashi being the eighth-inning guy. After getting two outs, he gives up a single and a walk and is replaced by Manny Acosta. The wheels came off after that.

Funny, I can see pulling Takahashi rather than face Troy Tulowitzki. But, what’s wrong with Francisco Rodriguez in a four-out save?

Rodriguez pitched the night before, but so what? One extra out will cost him that much? When you manage to the save rule, you’re going to get burned from time to time and that’s what happened with Jerry Manuel last night. You have a horse like K-Rod, you ride him.

Manuel said if he used Rodriguez in that situation he could lose him later. Meanwhile, the season continues to flush away.

7 thoughts on “Another meltdown ….

  1. Micromanaged again. I didnt finish watching the game. Niese was taken out why?

    Now K-Rod is under arrest? Santana is being sued. wow.. just wow.

  2. maybe he knew about the assualt charge and that K-Rod was going to get arrested on the way out.

  3. steve

    I can understand not overworking young pitchers. in the majors i think they work more innings. i dont know what he did the last few years in the minors, but i can see how teams want to watch work load for the new pitchers.

    once you are in the majors for one or 2 years you should know what to expect and you need to work for the load placed on you.

    i am not in favor of pitch counts. for young players though i can see the team managing the workload to get them to learn how to pitch to the demands that are required.

  4. 4. i can see that as well. however, does that mean blowing out everyone arm in the pen every night. once jerry goes to the pen he uses everyone. almost every batter gets his own pitcher at times.

  5. 5

    jerry’s problem is he finds a hot pitcher and he works him till he is bled dry and chucks him to the side. every year it is like this.

    this was only 2 innings and yesterday krod did 2 innings.

    that means the other guys have had a few days rest. i dont trust acosta in a one run game. i dont trust him to walk the bases loaded so he can get the next out.

    this is not a good team. david is in a slump and a month or so ago they decided to demote ruben who had played well.

    now they realize that cora will make 2 million next year so they cut him and bring ruben back up.

    they should have cut cora then and kept ruben.

    i think they disturbed the cohesion on the team and very quickly the loses piled up.

    all teams go into slumps, but they should have left ruben alone and worked beltran in to the lineup.

  6. M&M did the same thing last year. he changes the lineup like some people change their underwear.
    Instead of sticking with a hot lineup. he goes left righty hike.