Say good bye to Francoeur

One of the waiver deals I can see the Met pulling off this month is unloading Jeff Francoeur. A team needed outfield depth and a right-handed bat could use Francoeur down the stretch.

Since the odds of him being tendered a contract for next year are small, the Mets should be thinking about selling whenever possible, and that includes Francoeur.

3 thoughts on “Say good bye to Francoeur

  1. First, on Jeff Francoeur: I like the guy, too, but he had ample opportunity to prove himself as a Met and at the plate this season he squandered it.
    He went AWOL with the bat after the first four weeks of the season and is now back to swinging at anything he’s thrown and has a miserable on-base percentage. He really wouldn’t be much help to a contending team, either. And why would any other team trade for Francoeur now, knowing the Mets will non-tender him in December and he could be signed to a cheap one-year deal?
    Time to see what Fernando Martinez can do. Maybe he and Angel Pagan could be two-thirds of the outfield if the Mets are able to trade Carlos Beltran in the off-season or next Spring Training. Too bad we can’t move Jason Bust — er, Bay — too.
    Next, no entry yet on the sexual assault civil trial involving Johan Santana? Yet another ominous cloud over the Mets and one of their players…

  2. Someone could use Jeff for defense.

    He is still a good defensive guy who occasionally can pop one.

    But I agree, his bat is so weak it is of limited value.