Tonight’s lineup vs. Rockies

As promised, Carlos Beltran is off tonight. He needs to be refreshed Jerry Manuel says. I think Beltran was rushed back if he needs to be treated with kid gloves.

I also think he should be playing one of the corner outfield positions and batting lower in the order.

Here’s tonight’s line-up vs. Rockies:

Jose Reyes, SS

Fernando Martinez, RF

Angel Pagan, CF

David Wright, 3B

Ike Davis, 1B

Chris Carter, LF

Josh Thole, C

Ruben Tejada, 2B

Mike Pelfrey, RP

7 thoughts on “Tonight’s lineup vs. Rockies

  1. Plus Frenchy has half woken up and in middle of a ” streak” 😉
    way to break it coach.

  2. par for this course called the stirling mets.
    We get the players that have peaked and now waning in their careers. and we let others gyo just as they reach a new peak.

  3. franceour was a player last year. not this.

    he hustles and plays a good field. his bat sucks tho.

    i dont like fmart #2 either. he hasnt hit AAA what makes them think he will scorch mlb pitching? he needs to be down in the order until he proves he belongs.

    one more item to show how bush we are.