The best of Beltran over?

Remember all that talk in early July about how things would be different when Carlos Beltran returned from the disabled list.

BELTRAN: Are the good times over for him?

Getting Beltran back was like making a trade for another bat and it would only help the Mets and possibly spark them into making a run.

Some rust was to be expected, but nothing like this. Beltran isn’t hitting, he’s a step or two slow in the outfield, and his presence has forced Angel Pagan to play out of position.

Based on the numbers, both Beltran’s and the team’s W-L record, it appears the Mets pushed his return too soon. And, batting clean-up and playing center was a definite mistake.

But, he’s going to keep playing. That won’t change. Hopefully, he might play well enough for a team to make a waiver deal for him, although with $18.5 million remaining it’s a longshot anybody would claim him.

The Mets, of course, have to test those water to see what interest is out there if any. Thinking practically, nobody would trade for Beltran with that contract and injury history, leaving one more year of this for the Mets next season. Beltran’s value to the Mets lies in the potential of his recovery, of which there’s been little positive signs.

Assuming this is the end of the line for Beltran as a full time productive player let along being a star, then it doesn’t bode well for the Mets.

Along with Beltran, the Mets are saddled with contracts of $12 for Oliver Perez and $6 million for Luis Castillo. That’s roughly $40 million, or maybe 25 percent of their payroll on non-productive players.

So, it’s hard to imagine any substantial additions or spending in the offseason. It’s hard to imagine 2011 being much different from 2010.

3 thoughts on “The best of Beltran over?

  1. why do the mets play for such old injured players?
    more so castillo than beltran ..
    beltran wasnt damaged goods.
    Castillo and ollie both had a past.

  2. SteveC (1): Beltran wasn’t damaged goods when they signed him. But, with the length of the contract it wasn’t hard to imagine there might be a breakdown.-JD

  3. he should play one of the corners.

    this should help his knees some.

    i hope time will heal him some and he can be a productive player for us.

    it would be a shame if he is just a role player now.

    mgmt is disengenuous. they say and do things all the time to get the faithful hopeful. it is mostly lip service.

    i would still do the contract over again. at the time he was the hotest thing on the market. we needed him. we fell short in 2006 for many reasons. one of which was him not being able to hit the inside breaking ball.