Mets Chat Room; Pelfrey’s slide continues.

It was June, not that long ago when the Mets were surging – 11 games over .500 – and Mike Pelfrey and Ubaldo Jimenez were mentioned in the same sentence as budding pitching stars.

Game #112 vs. Rockies

Jimenez (17-2, 2.61) has been hit briefly, but still has electrifying numbers. Pelfrey, meanwhile, has gone from 9-1 to 10-6 with a 4.16 ERA. Pelfrey’s ERA has spiked nearly two runs a game, and it was eight starts ago that he pitched six complete innings.

Tired arm, tipping his pitches, poor mechanics, losing control of this splitter and sinker and a psychological step backward are just some of the partial explanations for his slide.

There’s not just one answer, but all of the above have contributed to Pelfrey’s slide to where he’s one again a reliability question.

The Mets have been waiting for Pelfrey to take that next step bit of five seasons now. At 200 innings and a 13-11 record in 2008 was a positive. Pelfrey won his first four decisions the following year to give the believe things might have sunk in, but he went 6-12 the rest of the way and the same of problems resurfaced.

Pelfrey seemed to put it together through most of June. He pitched quickly and efficiently; he had command of his secondary, breaking pitching; and he had confidence in his fastball.

All that’s gone now, and based on performance both Jon Niese and R.A. Dickey are ahead.

The slide didn’t happen overnight and neither will the recovery. The Mets falling out of contention coincided with Pelfrey’s fall.

Now, it’s in the remaining two months where Pelfrey needs to right himself and remove his name from being an off-season question.

49 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Pelfrey’s slide continues.

  1. FIRST INNING: The opposition has scored in the first inning in 10 of his last 11 starts. He hasn’t been good early, and has done a poor job of regrouping.-JD

  2. BOTTOM FIRST INNING: Reyes, F-Mart and Pagan the first three hitters. Manuel said Pagan is the Mets’ best three-hole hitter. The offense was at its best when Reyes and Pagan hit 1-2.-JD

  3. i dont want to say anything but it looks like they are still in it.

    pls stop hitting it up..

  4. why are they talking about how great he is?

    fmart needs to put together one full good season before i will think about him.

    he has talent. not sure ow much, but he is never healthy. i dont trust him.

  5. dave (10): I don’t trust F-Mart, either. They do need to find out what he can do. Maybe for no other reason than to see what they might get for him in the offseason.-JD

  6. john

    yes. i wouldnt trade him just because. i used to be real excited about him. now i just dont care.

  7. he is picking it up.

    i like ike. not sure if he will come thru in this spot, but he has been much better than i imagined.

  8. dave (29): Yeah … 121 pitches. It’s unlikely he’ll come out for the eighth. But, then again, he hasn’t been long into games lately.-JD

  9. BOTTOM SEVENTH INNING: Second and third with nobody out. This is their best chance to break it open and give Pelfrey a win. This is an opportunity they can’t afford to waste.-JD

  10. john

    the problem with jose is he tries to hit homers and it often just pops up to the pitcher.

  11. yes.

    this is one of the many problems with the team.

    to think they went after that guy who hadnt pitched in 2 years as their designated set up guy for 2 mil or whatever only to have him blow out his arm before spring training.

    one more guy to add to your tally of money losers.

  12. why should the pitcher not root his team on?

    it is supposed to be a team. you dont want players not on the field inside playing cards.

  13. A QUICK WRAP/Game #112

    FINAL: Mets 1, Rockies 0.
    RECORD: 56-56.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Mike Pelfrey was brilliant in a flashback performance to early June.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey won his first decision since late June with seven shutout innings. … Francisco Rodriguez registered his 25th save.
    AT THE PLATE: Jose Reyes drove in the game-winner with a sacrifice fly.
    IN THE FIELD: The Mets are playing the kids, Fernando Martinez in left and Ruben Tejada at second.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Jon Niese goes tomorrow night.- JD