Mets Chat Room; The Last Stand.

Games #109-111 at Phillies

Here it is, the Mets’ last stand for 2010. Either they show some life and take care of business in Philadelphia or they can say goodbye for the summer. An awful lot of things have to happen for the Mets to make the playoffs, but the bottom line is they have to win two of every three down the stretch to have a chance.

That’s .666 baseball. The devil you say.

That’s a tall order for a .500 team, and one that has shown little sign of life for over a month now. One that hasn’t won two straight games since late June. Mathematics say the team is alive; mathematics also say the odds are getting longer and longer.

On a side note, the Chat Room is open but I had to go to Ohio to visit family this weekend. I set it up so the Chat Room will be open but I won’t be able to monitor the games.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; The Last Stand.

  1. i understand fmart and ruben were called up

    and the cut cora and sent someone down

    wny cant they bring up misch?

  2. Apparently Cora is 18 days away from a vesting option that would have guaranteed him $2 million in 2011. If Mets bring up Misch, they’d still be on the hook for Ollie.

    I know it stinks but it is reality. We are back to the late 1970s when Lorinda deRoulet asked about cleaning dirty baseballs in the
    washing machine to save money.

  3. dan

    i know.

    ollie is a waste. if the team wanted to win they would have brought misch up 2 months ago. but as you say they are concerned about how it looks and what to do with their 36 million dollar mistake. they are not concerned with winning.

    they kept cora for a long time, but eventually cut him to save 2 mil.

    at least we still have castillo.

  4. so santana went out and did his ace stuff and krod went out and earned his money.

    it would be nice if krod can be someone we can rely on in the ninth. we shall see.

  5. Get a quick lead, fall behind, fight back only to fall a run short and leave 15 Mets on base. Beltran is down to .195 Is it time to bench him and say he is not ready? Hockey starts in two months and then I can really watch a cheaply-run organization in the Islanders. Help me..I’m trapped in an infinite loop of mediocrity!