Fred Wilpon gives Minaya a vote of confidence.

I think it’s safe to say things aren’t going to fundamentally change for the Mets any time soon. They might get hot for a week or two, perhaps even hang around on the fringe of the pennant race, but the foundation of this mediocrity won’t change.

There will undoubtedly be a managerial firing, but unless they bring in a heavyweight, the hierarchy will stay the same.

Speaking at an SNY function yesterday, Mets owner Fred Wilpon gave a vote of confidence to GM Omar Minaya. When asked Thursday if Minaya would be back next year, Wilpon said: “Is the sun going to come up tomorrow?”

Minaya is signed through the 2012 season and owed $2 million.

Manager Jerry Manuel does not have a contract for next season and it has been consistently reported the Mets have to make the playoffs if he’s to return.

S0, next year shouldn’t be that much different than this year.

4 thoughts on “Fred Wilpon gives Minaya a vote of confidence.

  1. Fred also said as he got into his chauffeured
    limousine that everybody knows son Jeff is doing an excellent job. What exactly is Jeff’s job?

    I don’t know how much to trust evaluations of minor league players but my understanding is former wunderkind Fernando Martinez is no longer listed in “Baseball America” top 100 minor league players. It seems a bit premature to me since F Mart is only 22 but maybe they know something the Mets don’t (or do, since we’ve stopped hearing about him).

  2. When has he been healthy?

    FMart is a bust. He is not the stud once promised. Can he be a star? Perhaps.

    But we were promised a foundation piece and he is on the DL more than the field. His MLB time has shown that he still lacks fundamentals at the plate and field.

    CarGo when he was here was a great fielder with no bat.

    FMart’s stock has dropped for a few years now. Only sustained time on the field and consistency and production on the field will cause his stock to rise.

  3. This morning in AM NY they have a brief interview with Pedro. He intimates that he helped keep Ollie on track.

    John. Is that true? If so he might be a good signing just to keep Jeffy’s investment. However, given that Ollie can’t break 85 on his fastball keeping him focused is not enough.