A weekend in Philadelphia

This should be a big series tonight in Philadelphia. There should be a tenseness in the air, a feeling of excitement and anticipation that comes with a pennant race.

But, there is no fire. After the Mets fell flat and were routed by Arizona last Sunday, they sleepwalked through Atlanta. Take away one swing of the bat by Jeff Francoeur and they would be heading to Philly on a four-game losing streak.

Not only were the Mets sloppy in Atlanta, but worse they were listless and seemed disinterested. With the exception of R.A. Dickey (and Johan Santana after the first inning Monday), they played flat and without a sense of urgency.

Their season is hanging on by a thread and they are playing with an aura of inevitability, as if they were waiting for the end.

It could be soon enough.

3 thoughts on “A weekend in Philadelphia

  1. I’m excited about the prospect of Jonathan Niese pitching tonight. Hopefully he bounces back from the disaster against Arizona. If he does, I think it will only futher go to solidify him passing Pelfrey as the best Met homegrown starter in the rotation.

  2. Steve O (1): I hope Niese bounces back. He’s been one of the positives of this season. Pelfrey? He’s been a mystery since late June.-JD