Mets Chat Room; Another gut check for Pelfrey.

There was a time this season when the Mets could count on a win, or at least a good chance at one, when they sent Mike Pelfrey to the mound. For the most part, until late June the Mets knew they’d get a quality start from him.

No longer.

Game #108 vs. Braves

Pelfrey surged to a 9-1 start and was on the cusp of dominance until he lost his mechanics, and not shortly after, his confidence. He’s been in a tailspin since with little indication of snapping out of his funk.

Pelfrey hasn’t gone through six innings in any of his last six starts. In that span he is 0-3 with a 9.59 ERA and hitters are batting an astronomical .446 against him.

Included in that span was a 4-0 loss to the Braves, July 10, when he gave up four runs on 12 hits in four innings.  Pelfrey didn’t get a decision in last Friday’s 9-6 loss to Arizona in which he gave up five runs in 5 2/3 innings.

Pelfrey’s problems start early. He didn’t allow a run in the first inning in his first 11 starts, but 16 in his next 10.

“Everybody else in the rotation has been throwing the ball great and I’ve kind of taken a step back from early in the year,’’ said Pelfrey. “I definitely plan on getting this thing turned around and back on track so we can start winning some games.’’

A win tonight at Atlanta will pull the Mets within 5 ½ games of the Braves with a three-game series coming up this weekend at Philadelphia.

152 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Another gut check for Pelfrey.

  1. John (7) I wonder what happens to these guys when they get in the games – do they just get nervous?

  2. Mets 9-49 lifetime at the Ted when Braves score first…according to SNY graphic. That sounds about right.

  3. Anyone else see the Alex 600 homer today in the first inning? It was anticlimatic.

  4. John (15) My thoughts exactly – no big deal and I’ll bet Alex thought they would make a big fuss over him.

  5. John (19) Not only a phony, but he’s not very bright, either. Or maybe all the stuff he’s taken has screwed up his body.

  6. Beltran brings home a run with an out. He’s not running all that well. … Did you see where Torii Hunter of the Angels moved to right field so a prospect could play. They Mets should be thinking about moving Beltran. He’s not the same player.-JD

  7. Is there something wrong with tonight’s Mets telecast? It’s the third inning and apparently Mike Pelfrey is still in the game.

  8. John (24) I’m not sure that Beltran is 100% healthy and ready to play. Did they bring him back too soon?

  9. bats are waking up. i think its too soon for beltran first the missed popup. and now the running.. *sigh*

  10. I think Thole is a better pitchers catcher. maybe the fact of his age. The pitchers on this team seem to take a real liking to him.

  11. 28 Are you SURE we’re all not tuned into a replay of a game from earlier this year or a previous year?

  12. Gil (32): I’m sure of it. You know, if Pelfrey hadn’t gotten a DP and a pickoff the Braves could have more. Tney do have five hits already.-JD

  13. John (25) Someone told me that Beltran has a very complicated contract – Scott Boras is his agent.

    1. He has an iron clad no-trade clause.

    2. With Scott Boras as his agent, many teams will not give up much knowing full well that Beltran will bolt for free agency after the 2011 season.

    3. His bad knees are still a concern and always will be. His injury history poses a very high risk, further diminishing his value.

    4. He still has about $24 million dollars still owed to him. Unless the Mets are kicking back half that amount, they’ll be lucky to get one or two low level prospects at best. And chances are that the Mets will scoff at the notion of eating any portion of that contract.

    In addition to those four reasons, there is another, and it might be the most compelling argument as to why Carlos Beltran is untradeable.

    When the Mets landed Beltran and signed him to that $119 million dollar, seven year deal, there was a special clause his agent Scott Boras insisted in adding to the contract. At the time, it was no big deal because everyone in the Mets front office didn’t see any chance that Beltran wouldn’t play at a high level for all seven years of the contract.

    As part of the deal, Carlos Beltran can not be offered arbitration after the 2011 season.

  14. OK…I see the Mike Pelfrey I’m used to seeing — and Chipper Jones is used to seeing — has returned.

  15. Annie (35): Very well researched. He’s impossible to trade. Boras saw that his client’s health was becoming an issue which is why he wanted an extension. Mets were smart to not give in on that point.-JD

  16. Yep. The Internet, TV and radio reception are all good to go, now. Pelfrey giving up back-to-back jacks? That’s reality.

  17. Gil (40): I’m not sure we’ll see Pelfrey turning it around this season. At least not before their playoff chances disappear.-JD

  18. I’m when when Alex Rodriguez passes Sammy Sosa on the home run list, it will generate as little excitement.

  19. John (39) I don’t think that Carlos has been the same since that collision in the outfield – how many years ago? For him baseball became a contact sport then.

  20. 44 JD: To quote former NFL coach Jim Mora’s famous tirade of yore, about the Mets post-season chances this year…


  21. Dan (52): I’m thinking Griffey was clean because in the end he had a lot of injuries that steroids might have helped him avoid. Plus, his body size didn’t change. Bonds in the end had the body of a linebacker.-JD

  22. Gil (58): Sosa was pretty big, too. I was never a Sosa fan. That happy act and running with the flag to the outfield was all for show. Another phony. One, who suddenly forgot how to speak English.-JD

  23. John (60) I’ll never forget those hearings – it was like the See No Evil, Do No Evil, Hear No Evil group of monkeys.

  24. Is there any youtube footage of that time Sosa left a Cubs game early after his team had been eliminated?

  25. 60 Sosa also came down with vitiligo (the skin condition Michael Jackson had). Sosa turned out to be quite the buffoon, didn’t he? At times, with the flag bit, the blowing kisses act, the sudden loss of English proficiency, Sammy looked and sounded like Steppin Fetchit.

  26. John (67)
    There’s a line from ‘Moonstruck’ which I’ve always liked – It’s spoken by the man who played Chers’ father –

    “Always tell the truth, Loretta, they find out anyway”

  27. The hearings were a joke.

    Predictably no one said anything. No one answered any questions. The stupid ones did.

    Predictably at the top of their lungs they denied the charges by the former player. They called him names and smeared him.

    It is just like when a politician rants about gays or some other taboo moniker and then turns out to be the devil he rails against.

    Speaking of which, can we impeach the commissioner?

  28. dave (76): Hi Dave. NIce to see you check in. Sorry, no on the commissioner. The owners are making too much money to care about what’s right for the game.-JD

  29. 76 I wish we could, Steve. And although I don’t agree with his politics, I’d love to see George Will as MLB commissioner.

  30. if the pitcher is ready should they not bring him in? Or do they do the usual and get the pitcher ready. Sit him. Get him up. Sit him. Get him up. Sit him. Get him up.

    Bring him in to get lit up because he used all his pitches getting ready.

  31. Dave (76) You’re speaking of Bud Selig the MLB Commissioner – formerly the used car salesman? I don’t believe there are any rules in that office – all the owners support him no matter what he does, since he used to be one of them.

  32. Like Gomer Pyle, suprise, surprise, surprise. Pelfrey again not getting a win and getting belted around the yard. Will we PLEASE trade him in the off-season? He’s just not gonna get it done as a Met.

  33. Ah yes. The Mets are trying to win the last place spot.

    How is that poll going JD? I see 2 people think the Mets are playing well enough to win.

  34. dave (80): Yeah, leaving in Pelfrey turned out to be a mistake. We’ll see how big after this hitter. This all started with the Reyes error on the ball hit by the pitcher.-JD

  35. Why was Pelfrey still in the game after giving it up to Brian McCann? And JD, looks like I may end up winning that bet with you — Pelfrey may not win another game this season.

  36. Gil (78)
    George Will is a fine man and knows his baseball, but he is ill.
    My candidate is Ron Darling.

  37. R A Dickey is officially the Mets ace. Who’d thunk it?Much like Terry Leach in 1987.

  38. Another Pelfrey start doesn’t go five. I don’t see anything to believe he’ll turn it around this year. He’s become Ollie like.-JD

  39. Is it worth it to keep him in and let him try and pitch out? Or is his pitching just so bad that he needs to skip a turn to work on mechanics.

    They can always have Ollie pitch his spot. It’ll be an audition. They can use it as evidence to re-sign him for 4 more years.

  40. dave (92): Interesting question. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything resembling a strong outing by him. … As far as re-signing Perez. Don’t even say that in jest.-JD

  41. The worst are the player’s union leaders: Marvin Miller, Donald Fehr, the new guy Brian Weiters (??): nothing is proven about steroids, they don’t help you, tobacco is worse. I wonder if they would be happy if they had a 16 year child/grandchild taking HGH or other ILLEGAL stuff to become a better athlete.

  42. 97. just like the med team? Beltran shouldnt be out there.. he is still hurt the brace is holding him up. and pagan is struggling in left.

  43. Why can’t the Mets pitchers just stay in the game? Are they physically hurt or just don’t feel like pitching?

  44. SteveC (101): Beltran should be playing one of the corner outfield positions. They’ll never approach them about it. I mentioned earlier that Torii Hunter agreed to move to right from center. He said he wants to win. No doubt he was approached well in advance by Scioscia. Manuel said today Beltran wasn’t ready to move. Wonder what he’s seeing.-JD

  45. Annie (103): Well tonight, Pelfrey stunk it up again. I have no problems with them pulling him. They should have done it before the McCann at-bat.-JD

  46. 100 Well, another thing…If Darling were appointed commish, he’d likely have a Mets bias.

  47. John (100) I’m not the only one who thinks he would be terrific as the MLB Commissioner. He once mentioned that he needed to wait until his kids were older.

  48. dan(99)

    they already do. the college guys see the pros, the hight school guys see the college guys, the jr high guys see the hs guys, the grade school guys see the jr high and so on.

  49. 107 Pat Misch? Are we still talking about him? R.A. Dickey IS the new Pat Misch. Last year, Pat Misch was the new Nelson Figueroa. Before that, Figueroa was the new Jorge Sosa. Before that, Sosa was the new El Duque…the merry-go-round continues. Who next year will be the new R.A. Dickey?

  50. 114 If Misch is the best the Mets’ AAA option, doesn’t that say a lot about our farm system?

  51. Didn’t I read somewhere that El Duque was coming out of retirement to pitch for the Phillies?

  52. 104. the needs of the team. when you come back and are still injured and allowed to play you play where they say.

  53. The House of Horrors that is the Ted continues to afflict the Mets. Should have been an inning-ending double play but nnnnoooo!! error, two Braves score.

  54. Is anyone here actually surprised by the Mets performance tonight?
    Another predictably subpar Mike Pelfrey outing; more bad infield defense; and an anemic offensive performance; and it’s all happening at Turner Field, where the Mets have been historically bad.
    The game the Mets won last night will likely be their only win of this road trip.

  55. 123. you cannot blame this mess on Pelf. he was not as bad as the last time. he wasnt great. but he wasnt horrible.

    Beltran not running to catch a routin fly.
    reyes error then another error. then another then another.

  56. Braves turn for bad fielding. Should have gone for the easy out at first. But he had to try for two and got none.

  57. OT – As I look out the window into the back yard, I see a little skunk strolling by – is that a sign?

  58. A QUICK WRAP/Game #108

    FINAL: Braves 8, Mets 3.
    RECORD: 54-54.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Another Mike Pelfrey start, another loss.
    ON THE MOUND: Once again, Pelfrey didn’t make it out of the fifth, giving up five runs.
    AT THE PLATE: Not much here, either.
    IN THE FIELD: Four errors, three in the sixth inning. Two Jose Reyes errors led to four runs.
    LOOKING AHEAD: The Mets are in Philadelphia for three starting Friday.- JD

  59. Howie has put this game “In the Book”

    However, Mom always said that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.

    So, I’m not saying anything except that the
    Mets play Philly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.