Francoeur: Has anything changed?

The Mets do have a pulse after last night, and it’s that way because of R.A. Dickey and Jeff Francoeur.

FRANCOEUR: Finally delivers

As far as Francoeur is concerned, last night might change his mood and get him going, but I’ve said that before with him. He’s an extremely streaky hitter, but unfortunately for him he’s had too many on the downside this summer. A hot one now could lift the Mets back into contention.

When Carlos Beltran returned, somebody had to sit, but Jerry Manuel force-feeding him into the lineup seems to have backfired. If nothing else, the Mets’ record since the All-Star break should mean something. Manuel had no choice but to cut Francoeur’s time, but his methods weren’t right.

A meeting would have been the proper thing to do. And, to equate his situation to a pitcher going to the bullpen was callous.

Manuel shut the door on Francoeur as a Met, and last night’s heroics aside, it doesn’t change anything. The Mets might be a game closer, but it’s a huge gap. And, Francoeur could go on a tear, but he’s gone after this year.

He wants to play everyday and young enough to do so. It’s too early in his career to assume the role player mentality.

As far as Dickey is concerned, he came away with another no-decision but pitched brilliantly to keep the Mets in the game. There’s been no let up in his performance and with any run support he’d be in double-digits in victories.

I can’t envision him not being in the rotation next year. His success also makes me wonder why they won’t give Pat Misch a chance. Oh yeah, they need to baby sit Oliver Perez. Who’s to say if things wouldn’t have been any different with Misch in the rotation and Hisanori Takahashi in the bullpen?

But, I guess ownership has its reasons for wanting to play shorthanded.

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  1. I think the answer to the question is the same answer to why do lemmings walk over a cliff?