Mets mailed it in.

CASTILLO: Key misplay.

The turning point of last night’s game came in the first inning when the Mets couldn’t capitalize on a scoring opportunity and the Braves parlayed Luis Castillo’s muffed DP chance into a three-run inning.

OK, fine, that was the turning point, but the real indictment of the Mets came in the eight other innings. Johan Santana was professional enough to keep the game close, but the Mets’ offense slumbered through what they called a critical game. It’s not the adversity, but how you respond that is critical, and the Mets responded like a .500 team.

To a man, the Mets said they understood the magnitude of last night and this series. Can you imagine what would have happened had they not?

It arguably the most important game of the season, the Mets mailed it in. Yes, Castillo’s defense was sloppy, but the offense gave away too many at-bats and opportunities. They played with disinterest, without passion, without intensity.

Some might say, without heart.

In a game they had to win, the Mets gave up. This week is about trying to regain control their destiny. Instead, they surrendered meekly.

6 thoughts on “Mets mailed it in.

  1. SteveC (1): I agree that neither is 100 percent. They should have been gradually eased back into the lineup instead of immediately thrust back into their roles.-JD

  2. i agree with steve

    unfortunately they sent ruben down.

    i might not sit beltran so easily. it is not like franceour is tearing it up.

  3. i think if the mets wanted to get better, they would keep ruben up and play him every day. they had good success with him playing.

    i liked the team when these guys were injured. they played well. there was a good mix of vets and young guys.

    i dont know what luis adds to the team. he is not a bad player, but i rather have ruben play second than him.

    beltran is a power bat and franceour just doesnt seem to have it.

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