Mets Chat Room; Dickey to keep pulse going.

Game #107 vs. Braves

RA Dickey remains one of the few positives in a season that has turned negative.  In a little less than a month the Mets have gone from two games behind Atlanta to 7 ½ games, plus eight back in the wild card race.

A 6-16 slide will do that to a team.

The Mets have already lost their first must-win game of this series and will give the ball to Dickey tonight and hopes he can keep their slim hopes alive.

DICKEY: Mets anchor

Dickey has been brilliant since joining the rotation, giving up three earned runs or less in 12 of 14 starts. Like most Mets pitchers, Dickey has been a victim of non-support, getting three runs or less six times.

With a little help, Dickey, who made his first start May 19, could have as many, or more, wins than Mike Pelfrey.

“He does a tremendous job,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “He right now seems to get through the lineup two or three times relatively easy. And, that’s tough to do at this level – for anybody.’’

At 35, Dickey was brought in as a stop gap, but has been so good that it is hard to imagine him out of the rotation next year.

Next year, it seems, is getting closer and closer.

72 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Dickey to keep pulse going.

  1. John (3) Did you hear about what happened in Manchester today – an employee shot 8 co-workers and then killed himself. It’s been on TV most of the afternoon.

  2. John (7) I don’t know about Beltran – he’s so quiet it’s hard to figure him out.

  3. I wonder where Francoeur will end up next year. Hard to see them bringing him back. If only he kept the same mentality he had at the beginning of the season.-JD

  4. I heard that there was some team making inquiries about Francoeur, but don’t remember which team. I’m thinking Texas???

  5. Hey. So far this is a marked improvement over last night. Only trailing by one after two innings!

  6. They are showing the replay of the Braves’ run. It looked as if Jose Reyes had a chance for the DP, but he didn’t throw to first.-JD

  7. 17 Hey, Annie. Yes, a CULT classic. Made in 1969 by Robert Downey, Sr. It’s a very avant garde satire on race relations, institutional racism against blacks in corporate America and the racism of black militants against whites. It also skewers the advertising world, sexism and machismo. Definitely bold for that era and ahead of its time. Kinda like Mel Brooks’s “Blazing Saddles” would be in the ’70s, after its release.

  8. 18 I made this bet with my dad: I bet him that R.A. Dickey will not be in the Mets’ starting rotation next year.

  9. Why does Luis Castillo remind me of an Ewok from “Star Wars”? Is it that both he and the Ewoks have facial hair, are short, sometimes wield sticks when on the offensive and waddle when they walk and run? Just asking.

  10. Gil (23) We’ve come a long way baby – tomorrow is the birthday of the first biracial President of this United States. And soon we will have three female Supreme Court Justices.

  11. 29 Hallelujah! now if we could just get the Senate to get climate change and energy done…

  12. One very nice thing about being in LA these days, being a Mets fan, is comiserating with equally disappointed Dodger and Angel fans…

  13. i am not really watching, but i hear them talk about how luis cant field his position anymore and they need to protect him because he cant hack it. just another bad signing by our superscout. he has not earned his contract and will not.

    i read something the other day that with him, ollie and a few others we are talking a bay like contract for players who we do not need.

    talk about spending foolishly.

  14. dave (39): Castillo’s range is so limited that they have to position him better to compensate.

    We’re all in agreement on these bad contracts. Perez and Castillo and Cora add up to about $20 million. It’s up to over $40 million if you count Beltran.-JD

  15. Bay has given them nothing, and you might as well write off this year. I won’t say until next year whether it was a total bust.-JD

  16. BOTTOM FIFTH INNING: Dickey did a marvelous job of pitching out of that jam. Let’s see if he woke up the offense. Teams can feed off of what Dickey did.-JD

  17. john(41)

    yes. he has been a big disappointment.

    however, he is not the hack in the field i was led to believe.

  18. 41 I’ll say it: Bay is a bust. With the Mets needing to rebuild in the next few years, no matter what he does, his contract hangs like an albatross over the Mets’ necks, that they won’t be able to unload to get some value in return. Even if Bay returns to form next year, what good would 30 HRs and 100 RBI be on a bad ballclub?
    Oliver Perez’s current contract, though, might be the worst of all time. So far the Mets have paid $12 million for each of the three wins he has earned in a year-and-a-half.

  19. Gil (47): I can’t say bust just yet for Bay. If he hits 30 homers and drives in 100 it would mean a lot to the Mets because that’s why they signed him. That being said, the Mets need a lot more than Bay. Agree on the Perez deal. It was bad then, it is worse now.-JD

  20. 48 But the Mets never NEEDED Bay.
    Let me make this very cynical statement: The Mets signed Bay for appearances’ sake. With the Yankees winning a World Series and making big moves, the Mets were desperate and needed to make some kind of impact signing.
    They desperately needed starting pitching last winter. Omar failed to procure it. Unless of course, R.A. Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi count.
    As I wrote yesterday, Bay’s first season rivals only Vince Coleman’s as the worst debut as a Met. George Foster, Bobby Bonilla and Carlos Beltran actually had better first years with the Mets.
    Sure Bay’s a nice guy, hustles and is decent in the field — oh and unlike Coleman, he doesn’t gamble in the clubhouse, maim little kids in stadium parking lots by tossing firecrackers at them and get brought up in Spring Training gang-rape allegations — but by any definition, he has been a bust.

  21. gil(52)

    i agree. bay was a window dressing signing.

    however, we did need an OF, just not as much as starting pitching.

    and no dickey’s garbage dump minor league signing does not count.

    can jose not make a level swing? must everything be an uppercut?

  22. 56 Dave: Omar could’ve had an outfielder — Corey Hart. The Brewers wanted to swap him even-up for John Maine BEFORE Minaya signed Bay. From a financial and performance standpoint, Hart — now an All-Star — made a ton of sense and much more than Bay. And of course, maine became a sore-shouldered, no-velocity-having, clubhouse malcontent who will never again throw another pitch for the Mets while Hart is having a career year and was yesterday rewarded with a three-year extension that is far more affordable than Bay’s contract.

  23. 59 Yeah and the sound dude at Citi Field could’ve always played that ’84 pop classic “Sunglasses at Night” every time Hart came to bat. :)

  24. 64 Game’s far from over, Annie. Especially with the Mets at Turner Field. And especially with Frankie Rodriguez coming in.

  25. Howie has put this game “In The Book” and the Mets have won.

    Somehow the whole personality of the Mets team has changed in the few minutes since Francoeur’s home run – it’s a happy, congenial group again.


    Any way tomorrow is the last game in this series, before the Mets move on to Philly for more fun.

    See you then.

  26. OK, good win. In the long run, it won’t matter all that much, but a moral victory is a good thing.

  27. 66 Sorry, Annie, but I’ll take an ornery and cantankerous group if it wins, rather than a mediocre happy and congenial one.

  28. Glad Frenchy was the hero. He needed it.
    I still think M&M micro managed the game.
    Not sure why they took Dickey out. seems like Jerry never wants him to finish a game.

  29. 52. actually they stated the other day that Beltran and Bay had the same Avg. and issues their debut. they paired them up almost identical.