5 thoughts on “A comforting thought ….

  1. the met fan’s favorite chant is .. “there’s always next year”
    unfortunately with the current franchise.. i dont know if that is fitting enough to say..

    There’s always the next owner/manager/team?


  2. we have been saying that for some time now.

    time for a new tune.

    how about get rid of the dead weight and bring in some kids?

    I am not advocating blowing the team up, although i would not rule it out. but ruben needs to be playing unless we have someone better and misch should be up as well. bay needs to get healthy and start hitting or we need to find another option.

  3. 1 SteveC: I thought the Met fan’s favorite chant is “Yankees suck!” usually yelled very loudly upon exiting the Mets’ home park after a Mets win.

  4. 3. i only wish evil on the stankees when they play the mets I could care less about the best bought team in baseball.