Mets Chat Room; holding off the Braves

Technically, the Mets could run the table this week and be back in the race before they return home. There is also enough time left where they could pick up a game a week and be there in the end.

Game #106 at Braves

That’s all possible, but the Mets have given us no indication either scenario will happen. They haven’t played well enough on the road to think such a hot streak is in the cards. They also haven’t played consistently enough to give reason to believe the methodical way would work, either.

The Mets, losers of 12 of 17 games since the All-Star break, have shown no inclination of turning things around. They have Johan Santana (8-5, 3.11) hoping to rebound against a seven-run outing in his last start against St. Louis.

That game came on the heels of a stretch in which he went 3-0 with a 0.58 ERA.

Santana has pitched well in eight starts against the Braves since joining the Mets – a sparkling 1.79 ERA – but is a dismal 2-4 because of a lack of run support, getting two or fewer runs in each game.

The Mets’ struggles started prior to the All-Star break as they have lost 15 of 21 games, including two of three to the Braves at Citi Field. They saved the worse for Sunday when they were pummeled, 14-1, by Arizona (they have lost five of six to the Diamondbacks in the last two weeks).

“It definitely hurts your pride a little bit when you perform in that manner,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “We didn’t pitch, we didn’t hit, we didn’t play defense.’’

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  1. Annie (2): Unlike the MLB All-Star voting, only vote allowed. If multiple votes were allowed for this topic, I wonder what the numbers would be.-JD

  2. Like to see the Mets running early. They have to be aggressive in this series. Hell, they have to be aggressive from here on out.-JD

  3. John (4) Maybe he’s reading your blog.

    I heard from Gil this afternoon and he’s written a full page of what he thinks should be done by the Mets.

  4. John (6)I’m furious at ESPN – they advertise all day that they will be covering Mets/Atlanta and at the last minute, they switch to ESPN NEWS. I should know better.

  5. With Wright up and two on, here’s a chance to make an early statement. Among other things, the Mets can’t afford to be kicking away these opportunities.-JD

  6. John – I don’t know where Gil is right now, but I can copy his message and send it to you via email. You and he can decide what – if anything – you want to do.


  7. Castillo simply has to make that play. OK, maybe he doesn’t get to as many balls as he used to, but he can’t drop the ball like that.-JD

  8. John (19) In the game that I can get on TV, Alex Rodriguez is taking over a week to hit his 600th doesn’t count home run. Lupica thinks all the drugs he’s taken are catching up with him….maybe he’s right.

  9. Mets caught a break on the play at the plate. … Braves haven’t played that well the past week or so. That’s why the Mets are still hanging around … sort of.-JD

  10. NIce way for Ankiel to break in with his new team. Another bad start for Santana. The Mets have averaged just under two runs a game for Santana in his starts against the Braves. Down three already.-JD

  11. John (24) If Arod can read, that’s what Lupica was telling him in the Daily News this morning – and Mike doesn’t hold back.

  12. Annie (26): Rodriguez cheated, simple as that. He knew what he was doing. His legacy, like that of Bonds and McGwire, is stained.-JD

  13. John (27) Oh, I know that, he once bragged that he was taking something during high school – remember, he went from there right to Seattle and got the bucks he wanted – he was already using before he went to MLB.

    I think he’s still using now – and that’s why he keeps putting off meeting with the Feds with various lame excuses. OK with me the more he uses, the harder he’ll fall.

  14. Could be, but I wasn’t sure.

    Changing subject- not sure if you ever watch YES, but they run all kinds of things during the day and after games. The other night they showed Bernie and his group doing a few numbers. When I heard his rendition of ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’ – I cried, he plays it to a slow tempo and in a minor key. Very moving.

  15. Annie (30): I actually saw that. Bernie Williams was always one of my favorite Yankees to cover. Most of our best chats weren’t about baseball.-JD

  16. John (31) Oh I’m so glad you did.

    I wonder if Bernie would ever come back to his area and do a concert. There’s an awful lot of music venues in the Greater New Haven Area.

    (He could also visit the Cheshire Academy where the Yankees hid him before they signed him).

  17. hope you guys are enjoying the game.

    have to run. am still at work

    hopefully ill catch a rerun tonight or tomorrow.

  18. Gee, what a shocker. I turn on the TV to find the Mets trailing the Braves, 3-0. Haven’t we all seen this movie before?

  19. Annie (37): The balls are marked so they can tell which is the real ball when he finally hits it. Somebody will be willing to pay for it.-JD

  20. In the latest sign of the Mets’ irrelevance and perpetually playing second fiddle to the Yankees, ESPN is doing cutaways showing steroid king Alex Rodriguez’s at-bats in his quest for a tainted total of 600 HRs.

  21. Annie

    As John says above Alex Rodriguez has already admitted to juicing. As has his teammate Andy Pettite. They may have hedged as to how long they have cheated, but both admitted to it because they were outed.

    Whatever record they are credited with should have an asterisk next to it. Something along the lines of ‘The objects you see in the rear view mirror are smaller than they appear’.

  22. F A-Roid!!!

    Sorry, just had to say it. Bad enough it’s a Yankee who’s likely to break Hank Aaron’s mark. Even worse it’s a Yankee cheat.

  23. Dave (42) I agree with you – in fact I wrote a letter to the New York Times after President Bush’s State of the Union Speech where he pleaded for a steroid policy and riddance of these drugs.

    This is a big issue for me. I play USGA women’s amateur golf in the NYC area where you always carry the latest Rules of Golf booklet in your bag and call penalties on yourself.

    Nice analogy about the objects in the rear view mirror.

  24. 49 I’m glad you noticed that, JD. That was no accident. Henry Aaron is the true MLB career home run king, just as Roger Maris is the true holder of the single-season HR record.

  25. Gil (51): I agree with you. Everybody is to blame for the steroid era, from the players to the union to the teams to the commissioners. The press gets some heat for looking the other way.-JD

  26. Annie (50): Clemens cheated, too. He, Bonds, McGwire, Rodriguez, Sosa. All those guys will have a problem getting into the Hall of Fame.-JD

  27. 53 Absolutely right, JD. By the way, funny how Omar Minaya has become the master of making trades that neither help the Mets nor anyone else. Francoeur’s doing nothing this year and the man who Minaya traded for him, Ryan Church, has been traded twice since. He and his .185 BA are currently not helping his new team, the D-Backs. Meanwhile, Heath Bell, who Minaya traded three years ago for outfielder Ben Johnson (anyone heard from him the last three years?) has blossomed into an All-Star closer for the NL West-leading Padres.

  28. Gil (55): The Mets won the Francoeur trade simply because Church is so bad. But, even so that’s kind of like winning a consolation prize.-JD

  29. RA Dickey was a good pick-up, but that was a lucky break more than anything. I wonder if Dickey will wind up with more wins than Pelfrey. Just wondering.-JD

  30. 57 Bet’cha this: Mike Pelfrey will end up with the same number of wins in the second half as you, me, Annie, Dave and everyone else on this blog combined — ZERO.

  31. Gil (58): He’s got to win at least one more. Even by accident he has to win one. Then again, to do that he has to go five. That hasn’t happened too often lately, either.-JD

  32. John (54) Clemens turned out to be quite a nasty guy, however, he also lied to a Congressional Committee – that’s a big offense and he is trying like crazy to get away from it. There’s time involved in that.

  33. 59 Interesting comparison on the espnnewyork Mets-related blog today, comparing Pelfrey’s fast start this year to Randy Jones’s in 1982. Jones started off 6-2 and then was putrid the rest of the year. I was at one of those putrid outings at Shea back in ’82 when Jones couldn’t even make it out of the first inning. Charlie Puleo — another Mets pitcher of yore no one will ever mistake for Cy Young — also started 6-2 that year. I’m telling you, Pelfrey’s fast start wasn’t fooling me.

  34. John – I see that Santana is using the same game plan from his last game. The first inning is a problem, but then he shuts the other team down quite well. However, the other part of the plan should involve some hits from the Mets.

  35. Gil (62): He did hit the wall rather suddenly, didn’t he? It has gone south for him in a hurry. Very little signs of turning it around.-JD

  36. John (61)

    I saw that game, it was very scary, I’m sure Clemens was on something when he pulled that stunt. That’s not normal.

    As a parent, I worry about the kids whose Dads are using drugs – what does that teach them?

  37. 60 Annie: Clemens TURNED OUT to be a nasty guy??? TURNED OUT? He was always a rectal orifice. In his Mets tryout he had the nerve to dis Bob Gibson — yes, THE Bob Gibson, who was then the Mets’ pitching coach. Clemens said he’d have thrown at Henry Aaron. Clemens cursed out umpires from the mound in an attempt to intimidate them. Clemens TWICE intentionally tried to hurt Mike Piazza by throwing equipment at him (one of those times should’ve garnered an assault charge), all because he couldn’t get him out. And THEN the son of a female dog cheated with steroids. The only hall Clemens belongs in is one in the state pen, waiting for chow.

  38. John and Gil – You may both get your wish, that little game Clemens played with Congress involves serving real time, in jail. He’s moving heaven and earth to stay out, but one rarely beats the Congress and Federal law.

  39. When I was covering the Yankees, Clemens used to brag about his conditioning routine. It was impressive, but nobody knew it at the time that it was made possible because he was on the juice. Steroids enable you to train harder and longer.-JD

  40. Another note: The Brewers extended All-Star outfielder Corey Hart (the man Minaya could’ve had last winter even-up for John Maines) tntil 2013, with $7.5M, $9M and $10M the next three seasons, including a signing bonus, while Minaya is saddled with — er, paying — Jason Bay $8M this year and then $16M each of the next two seasons and then a vesting option of $17M in the fourth season. Real smart guy, that Omar.

  41. Here’s a question from out of the blue – do you have any of Bernie’s music on your IPod?

  42. Annie, no disrespect meant to you whatsoever, but do you HAVE to provide A-Roid updates here? There are enough blogs dedicated to The Empire without a Mets one providing news on the exploits of its well-paid minions.

  43. In all fairness, it’s too early to say the Bay signing is a total bust. But, I said then, and will repeat it now, that pitching and not Bay was a priority.-JD

  44. SEVENTH INNING: Take away Castillo’s botched DP and we have maybe a tie game. Santana has given the Mets a chance to win. The offense has done nothing.-JD

  45. John (86)
    Reminds me that Chipper loves the Mets so much that he named his daughter Shea.

    In fact so did Nancy Lopez and Ray Knight.

  46. I can’t figure them out – you’d think they would want to play and score some runs tonight to get that game from yesterday out of their heads. What role is Jerry Manuel playing here? Is it him or the players themselves – except for Santana who is still pitching, isn’t he?

  47. 80 OK, JD, I’ll see your claim about Bay’s signing not being a priority and raise you one: Bay’s signing WAS a bust. Here’s why: If he produces another lousy year as he has this year, Bay’s contract is far too rich for any other club to want to take it off our hands. This how Minaya has hamstrung the team with two horrible contracts — Castillo’s and Perez’s. Those guys and Bay are essentially eating three roster spots that could’ve been filled by productive players. Those threee players have contributed one win and six home runs in 106 games this year. And with his two two-homer games, Bay has homered in a total of four different games this year. That’s FAR worse than how big acquisitions George Foster, Bobby Bonilla and Carlos Beltran fared in their first seasons as Mets.

  48. OT – finally got word from Frank and Penny who arrived home tonight from Seattle and a cruise up to Alaska on the Norwegian Star. They had a great time, but are very tired.

    This Mom worries a bit…………

  49. Howie has put this game “In The Book” but who would want to read it??

    The Mets have simply shut down – except for Johan Santana who started poorly, but finished admirably.

    One almost gets the feeling of ‘why bother’ with a team which has simply stopped playing – or caring – it seems.

    So, the Braves easily take the first game of this trio and the teams will meet again tomorrow.

    See you then.

  50. 92 So here’s what I’d do if I were hired after Omar:
    1) Trade Johan Santana for as many MLB ready players and prospects I could get.
    2) Trade K-Rod for as many MLB ready players and prospects as I could get
    3) Fire Jerry Manuel and the coaches
    4) Wait for Spring Training to see if Carlos Beltran is sufficiently recovered, then trade him for as many MLB players and prospects as I could get.
    5) Eat Oliver Perez’s contract
    6) Eat Luis Castillo’s contract
    The Mets need to blow up the ship and re-boot, because we’re not contending for the forseeable future.

  51. A QUICK WRAP/Game #106

    FINAL: Braves 4, Mets 1.
    RECORD: 53-53.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: For the second straight start, Johan Santana was tagged in the first inning and Braves starter Tim Hudson made it stand up.
    ON THE MOUND: Santana gave up four runs on nine hits with a club-high 11 strikeouts.
    AT THE PLATE: The Mets blew an opportunity to take a lead in the first inning and did little after.
    IN THE FIELD: Luis Castillo not being able to turn the DP led to two runs. LOOKING AHEAD: RA Dickey starts tomorrow.-JD

  52. The last 18 games. the lineup changed 18 times. Gary and keith mentioned this they also mentioned it started after Beltran and Castillo were brought back into the line up and upset the apple cart.
    I tend to agree. the 2 should have been gradually put in,.. as support …
    I think slamming them in did more harm than good.

  53. 94/98: And when the Mets are playing .475 ball in August and the prospects they receive we find are overrated and we end up with the NY Met team pre Keith Hernandez, I wouldn’t like that too much and neither probably would you. I would never trade Santana…he is too young and the team doesn’t have a number 1 starter as it is unless you think Dickey is the real thing and won’t go limp next year. I would try to find someone who would take Mike Pelfrey as I don’t think he has what it takes to succeed in NY. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of K-Rod, but he isn’t going to bring back much IMO. Before I did that I would see if the Royals were interested in trading us Soria for Mejia so you have a closer back.