It’s down to this week ….

If there is such a thing as flipping a switch for a team, the Mets will have to do it now. After starting their second half collapse by losing 12 of 17 since the All-Star break, they’ll have to turn it around now.


Out of 162 games, the season will boil down to six games for the Mets. Three in Atlanta starting tonight, then three in Philadelphia over the weekend against the Phillies. For a team that has been horrid all season on the road, they pretty much have to run the table to make any kind of dent.

If they win two of three, they’ll only pick up one game, so what good is that?

Whatever pride this team has left, they’d better find it now if they have any hope of playing meaningful baseball in September.

The confidence level in this team has to be high tonight because of Johan Santana, but overall, considering how they mailed it in yesterday in being mauled by Arizona it’s low. With all that is on the line for the Mets, to come up with such a showing is shameful.

How does a team that says it is a contender only win one of six games against a team like the Diamondbacks? Shameful. It inspires no confidence for this week.

4 thoughts on “It’s down to this week ….

  1. Bobby O was commenting on his manager yesterday.

    He talked about how Davey had a lot of confidence. That he would set the expectations high and expect his players to perform.

    I know teams go up and down throughout the year, but I think there is enough talent on this team to not lose like that after the break when you have something to play for.

    Sometimes you just have to will yourself to win and they have not done that.

    Doc was saying how he had nothing when he pitched his no hitter. Darling said the same about Seaver when he pitched his.

    The team just needs to will itself to win. The pitching has been pretty good the last few weeks. The hitters have to put the bat on the ball or work a walk.

  2. part of it is M&M. I just watched the mets fast forward of the game. and we got murdered. Cashen and Johnson interviews were very telling. After cashen it was told and rightly so, that during Cashen’s tenure he ran the whole ball club.
    Omar isnt and probbaly shouldnt be, but Wilpon is not Steingrabber and he needs a GM that can run this team and he needs a manager on the field that can run the players.
    M&M are not them.. and wilpon isnt much of an owner if he doesnt act on this.. here’s an historic day, hall of fame day.. losing is one thing.. being destroyed is another. the mets were destroyed.
    What i never liekd about this particular team has always been, that “switch comment. oh they will turn it on when they need to .. they shouldnt be turning it off. This too has been discussed on this blog. if a team is turning it off to rest they should be fined. Davey Johnson even talked about that.. if you didnt run hard out of the box and the ball was caught and you are out thats one thing,, if the ball wasnt caught and you werent on second you got fined…

    Thats managing… you turn you game off.. fine em.

  3. no harm no foul..

    it was nice seeing darling and doc together.

    the pitchers got into their pitcher talk for a moment and left the other guys in the booth outside. they were going down memory lane and doc was showing how he threw his pitches.

    Apparently his dad had a lot to do with how he threw and how he practiced.