Mets Chat Room; salvaging the home stand.

Game #105 vs. Diamondbacks

Despite a 6-14 slide, the Mets remain only 6 ½ games behind front-running Atlanta in the NL East. They are a similar distance behind in the wild card.

Today’s game, with Jon Niese pitching, is very important, like they all are for the Mets these days as they can’t afford to lose any more ground before they head on the road to Atlanta and Philadelphia.

The Mets have played well at home this season, going 33-18, but have been hideous on the road at 20-33. The formula to win is to dominate at home and play .500 on the road. Had they played at that clip so far for their 53 road games they would be 27-26 at home, which would translate to a 60-44 record, or a half-game lead over the Braves in the division.

But, they have dug themselves into such a hole that playing .500 on the road is no longer an option.

7 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; salvaging the home stand.

  1. john

    I hope you are at the game today.

    It looks like Mr. Cashen had a stroke. Too bad.

  2. Laroche is a met killer. looks like they will drop 5 of 6 to the lowly dbags. cant wait for the pirates and astros.

  3. Dwright throws one away. How come everytime the oldtimers come back the mets lose?

  4. Todays poll: Who is most pathetic?

    A. The Mets

    B. Delcos for not even participating on his own blog

    C. Those who still come here.

    A raffle drawing will be held among all voters. The prize will be an autographed poster of Oliver Perez.

  5. Ray a little brutal don’t you think? Like the rest of us, JD has to go out and work and make money.
    He is doing this to keep things going in the Mets Community he created, and had ripped away when Lohud decided to offshore work.
    Cut him a little slack ..

    I think the mets Management is pathetic…