Tonight’s lineup vs. Diamondbacks

Interesting that Jeff Francoeur is not in the starting lineup tonight. It’s not that he needs a rest.

Here’s the lineup:

Jose Reyes, SS

Angel Pagan, RF

David Wright, 3B

Carlos Beltran, CF

Ike Davis, 1B

Chris Carter, LF

Josh Thole, C

Luis Castillo, 2B

Hisanori Takahaski, LP

4 thoughts on “Tonight’s lineup vs. Diamondbacks

  1. must be a righty starting for the dbags. btw. they have won 4 games in thier last 15 games. all against the mets. what a shame.

  2. 2. good point. but the point i am making is this is a team everybody else is slapping around and they are slapping us around. Its totally embarrasing. If I still lived in NYC, I wouldnt tell anybody I was a met fan unless they already knew.