Mets Chat Room; Playing out the string.

Game #104 vs. Diamondbacks.

Well, another trade deadline has come and gone without your Mets doing anything substantial. Wait, I meant, without doing anything at all. I have no problem with the organization wanting to protect its prospects. I can’t get on Omar Minaya for that.

As a general manager, his job is to protect the franchise, and that’s what he did when he said no to those vultures wanting Ike Davis, or Jonathan Niese, or Josh Thole, or Jenrry Mejia.

What I can find fault with is ownership not moving in the offseason to address its pitching needs. I didn’t like it at the time, and I’ll repeat: Their priority last winter was pitching and not Jason Bay.

With what Bay has given them, it isn’t out of line to wonder if his contract will fall in the same bin as that of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo. It might be too early to jump to that conclusion, but I’ll bet I’m not the only one to wonder.

What the Mets have done today and for the last month as they floundered was choose their future over their present. They have told us they do not think they are good enough to win this season without a miracle finish.

They were further behind with less time remaining in 1969, but won. Mathematically, it is still possible. But, I’m not counting on any miracles this time around.

Hell, they haven’t been able to beat Arizona. How can we expect them to run the table?

27 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Playing out the string.

  1. Of course, the Yankees were proactive today, but who didn’t expect otherwise. I know there will be a lot of anti-Yankee backlash for their wheeling and dealing. But, at the same time I’ll bet you wish the Mets owners were the same way.-JD

  2. John – Yes I certainly do. The Mets haven’t made a big move in a long time.

  3. I also like what the Braves did in getting Kyle Farnsworth and Rick Ankiel. Of course, I also like what the Phillies did in getting Roy Oswalt. The Phillies will be a power for several years to come. And, the Braves are back to being good.-JD

  4. FIRST INNING: Nice throw by Thole. We are looking at next year’s starting catcher. No question. He should be the starter throughout the second half. I mean, if the Mets have conceded the season, they might as well look at the their future. I think that should also include benching Castillo and bringing up Tejada.-JD

  5. Lance Berkman, one of the Yankees acquisitions is DHing tonight batting second behind Jeter.

  6. The future of the Mets is bleak if this way of doing business continues – do you think it will?

  7. If Bay does nothing at all the rest of his contract, he will still have given more than ollie. I am getting tired of castillo also. He was productive last year, but now he is a liability and he is keeping pagan out of the two hole.

  8. I get it about protecting the top prospects, but how does carson with a 9.6 ERA in 3 AA starts become that? Dotel is the 8th inning guy manuel has been pleading for all year and he is under contract next year too for a reasonable 4m.

  9. speaking of 1969. they made a deadline deal for Donn Clendennon. No miracle without him.

  10. RE: The trade deadline. They are talking about why the Mets didn’t make a deal. Minaya mentioned where the Mets were in the standings. That’s OK if the window to trade was this week, but the Mets could’ve made a deal in early July before they fell out of it. They were only a couple of games behind when the Atlanta series started before the All-Star break.-JD

  11. For the Mets to take the next step they have to stop playing shorthanded. It’s time they eat the contracts for Perez and Castillo and move on. It’s easy for me to say because it’s not my money, but they played better, with more energy, when Tejada was playing, and Perez has given them nothing. Perez is a slug and that situation needs to be put to sleep.-JD

  12. 18. its either that pat answer or he didnt see anything out there better than what hes got. Same thing every year. Yankee fans are right. the mets are losers.

  13. BOTTOM NINTH INNING: You have to walk the bases loaded to set up the DP and the force at the plate. It’s a no-brainer. You have to pitch to Beltran.-JD