Don’t blame Omar for protecting prospects ….

The trade deadline is today and if the Mets haven’t done anything by now don’t expect anything in the next four hours. Ted Lilly is an outside chance, but looks headed to the Dodgers.

MINAYA: Will keep pat hand today.

According to reports, and a lot of it is stuff thrown against the wall, the Astros want Bobby Parnell and Josh Thole for Brett Myers. I wouldn’t do Myers straight up for either.

The deadline will pass with the Mets keeping the status quo, and that’s fine by me if what I’ve been hearing is true. Parnell, Thole, Jon Niese and Ike Davis are the names other teams are seeking. That’s the future of this franchise.

I can’t blame Omar Minaya for wanting to protect the future, even if it means not winning this year. Perhaps, if the Mets pulled the trigger on Roy Oswalt a month ago I’d be looking at it differently, because there would have been a chance to make up serious ground. But, at the deadline, not so much.

For years I’ve been hearing the Mets don’t have much of a farm system, but there is a good young core here. To keep it intact is essential.

7 thoughts on “Don’t blame Omar for protecting prospects ….

  1. Its funny, nobody else is giving away thier top prospects. I smell a rat here. the same rat who never improves his ballclub during the deadline. I dont believe astros are asking that high a price. they didnt get that much for Oswalt. Its Omars propaganda machine putting out disinformation to save face. If the wilpons would pick up some money they could get good players without selling the farm as all the other teams are now doing. As always its about the money, honey.

  2. Another trade rumor is Dotel to the mets for robert carson, a single a pitcher with a terrible era. Omar likes carson, so the story goes. nevermind the couple of million they would have to pay dotel the rest of the year. Wake up and smell the coffee, Delcos. Wilpons arent spending another dime to help this team. Sell the team wilpon. Sell it already and let us have done with you before you ruin another summer for us suffering mets fans.

  3. 3. omar is also to blame for giving out so many bad contracts. nobody gets a pass here. this is the busiest trading deadline i can remember and here we are shutout. even dotel would give the team a boost.

  4. ja happ is a good player no? he had real good numbers last year.

    the problem with this team was sown in the offseason. they didnt do much to improve the team.

    they did their usual trolling of trash. we got dickey that way. they did the same in 06 and everyone said how omar was a genius.

    they do the same every year, but the garbage did not help in 07 nor 08.

    same tape year after year.

    i want a team with a plan. a good plan would be to try and draft players who would help you. a good plan would be to not ask the mlb if player x is too expensive to sign. a good plan is to not trade your future for trash. a good plan is to sometimes trade your future for someone who actually could help.

    santana was a good signing. i think we got lucky in he fell into our laps. we set a price and waited. we do that every year and mostly they go someplace else.

    we also panic and overpay for garbage. luis and ollie come to mind.

    bottom line. omar is not a good gm. he gets lucky sometimes. a clock is right twice a day. so is omar.

    i agree that omar is not the whole problem here.

    can we sell the owner?

  5. 5.Dave, I like Happ, but hes not oswalt. the difference is money. why did they not pull the trigger for dotel? money. why did they give Wagner away last year? money. Why is Omar still here? money. It always comes down to money and the wilpons are fresh out of money. Sell the team wilpon so you can have some MONEYY!!!