Mets Chat Room; Pelfrey needs to get it straight.

Mike Pelfrey was better in his last start, but he’s still not there. At one time he was 9-1, now he’s 10-5. He needs to get back to his earlier form starting tonight against Arizona if the Mets are to break out of their downward spiral that has been the month of July.

Game #103 vs. Diamondbacks

Without a sound Pelfrey the Mets have no chance of making a second-half run at the NL East, which is slowly fading away, and made even more unlikely with the Phillies’ acquisition of Roy Oswalt.

Pelfrey is 0-3 with an 11.40 ERA in his last four starts. Included in that span was giving up four first-inning runs in his last start against the Diamondbacks.

The first inning has been a recent trap for Pelfrey.

“(In eight of my) last nine starts, I’ve given up a run in the first inning and I need to find a way of stopping that,’’ Pelfrey said. “Whether it’s throwing more pitches in the ‘pen, I don’t know.’’

Pelfrey gave the Mets a chance in his previous start last weekend at Los Angeles, giving up two runs in five innings. Even so, he still threw a lot of pitches and was removed for a pinch-hitter.

It was the first time in five starts that he made it through five innings. The Mets have lost four of those games.

Pelfrey is 0-5 with a 6.75 ERA in six career starts against Arizona.

13 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Pelfrey needs to get it straight.

  1. BOTTOM OF FIRST INNING: Wright ties the game. Puts Pelfrey back into to the game. Let’s see if he can make the most of it.-JD

  2. dave (8): His sinker has flattened out and he’s up in the zone. The pitches the hitters were chasing earlier they are laying off.-JD

  3. ouch

    i thought he learned how not to do that.

    that has been his problems always.

    11 era, yuk

  4. radio crew says valdez was up 5-6 times before coming in and getting clobbered by dbags.

  5. fmart has complained of that kind of treatment too. Jerry has no clue on bullpen management, it will be a wonder if he doesnt cause somebody to blow out an arm before hes done.

  6. i am watching the replay. this hs girl won a contest to do play by play for the mets.

    her favorite player is dwright and of course as she is doing her play by play he hits a 2 run dinger. so of course she shrieks into the mic her play by play for her fav player.