Bay likely for DL

It is expected Jason Bay will be placed on the disabled list today with lingering concussion symptoms and likely will be replaced by Jesus Feliciano.

Bay going on the DL means it is less likely the Mets will deal Jeff Francoeur this weekend. However, if the Mets slide out of contention expect Francoeur to be dealt in August in a waiver trade.

3 thoughts on “Bay likely for DL

  1. I wouldnt let frenchy goat this stage. His Arm is key.
    we havent gone a month without a linchpin on the DL.

  2. His arm may be good, but his bat is not.
    And yes, I saw the HR the other night.
    I’ve also seen him pop up, strike out, ground out more often than he should.

  3. 2. he’s going through a bad stretch like Wright. we gave wright the benefit. If he didnt have the arm or wasnt catching the ball then i would have a bigger problem.

    we shall see what mets do. we have no control never had never will.