Mets Chat Room; getting critical.

Game #102 vs. Cardinals

Even if defeat, you have to admire how the Mets played last night. Their ace was hammered for six runs in the first inning, yet they fought back to tie the game. There was an extraordinary amount of pressure on Ike Davis, but he came off the bench to hit a game-tying single.

Still, there is no such thing as a moral victory in baseball. It remains a loss, one in which is difficult to rebound against. But, they have to do so with R.A. Dickey if they are to prevent spinning out of control as is often the case with these types of losses.

Even if they win, it remains doubtful the Mets can fix all that ails them in time to make the playoffs. They might make a run, but they don’t have enough, and now there’s word they won’t make a move for Ted Lilly or Brett Myers, the middle-tier pitchers in the market.

Oh yes, and the Phillies are closing in on a deal for Roy Oswalt.

After today,  there are 60 games remaining to the season. To win 90 games, what it would probably take to make it as a wild card, the Mets would have to go 40-20, a pace they’ve never reached this season.

But for now, it’s all they can do to reach 52 wins.

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  1. Hi John –
    Is it time already?
    I agree it was a moral victory – Santana, sticking it out after a horrible start and the team making up all those runs and taking the Cardinals into overtime.

  2. Can we just use Dickey every game? He’ll get us to the playoffs all on his own.

  3. notice the DPs when dickey pitches?
    if they ever get rid of dickey they should can every manager

  4. explain to me why dickey doesnt have more complete games? oh yeah thats right. we wont talk about that sore suvject huh..

  5. I’ve got to log off due to weather conditions here (Thunder/Lightning).
    Hold down the fort…

  6. Kiner and gary and keith all singing Dickey’s praises and stating that the Mets should be lucky to have him. gee what did i just say?

  7. But since the baseball Gods hate the mets this game will be delayed for an hour due to rain.

  8. JD (33) Not only have they not been kind, they have a sick sense of humor with everything they’ve put us through!

  9. Regarding the Oswalt trade, I think they overpaid. Happ is phils equivalent of our Niese. A promising young lefty who produced a 12-4 2.93 season a year ago. Plus a couple of minor leaguers who i havent checked out. Would you trade Neise for Oswalt?

  10. Ray (37) If we had a legitimate chance to win this year and next? Yep. In a heartbeat.

  11. JD (36) Nah.. that was just a GM who doesnt know what he’s doing. I blame the Gods for Omar, Willie, Wilpons, Jerry, poor baseball instincts, lazy players, mediocre new stadium and 20 bucks to park under a highway.

  12. Steve (40) Great. The Mets will probably have to pay to replace that sign. Those rotating signs cant be cheap.

    Now the Mets cant afford to add any payroll.

  13. oh i have to be half honest. a boo came out of me. not at the manager just at the fact dickey was beig pulled. I never boo my team ever. but pulling dickey out was a baby move..

  14. Good game today. Dickey pitched well. Ike with a huge HR. And we only need 39 more wins!

  15. A QUICK WRAP/Game #102

    FINAL: Mets 4, Cardinals 0.
    RECORD: 52-50.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: R.A. Dickey was tremendous and combined with Francisco Rodriguez for the Mets’ 14th shutout of the season.
    ON THE MOUND: Dickey gave up no runs on four hits and two walks in 8 1/3 innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Ike Davis hit a three-run homer.
    IN THE FIELD: Davis initiated two double plays.
    LOOKING AHEAD: RA Dickey starts tomorrow afternoon.-JD

  16. (37) Ray: Not really. Haap is about 4 years older than Niese and while he did have a very good year in 2009, he’s been injured and has lost velocity. But in Ed Wade’s screwed up world, yes, Niese would be asked for and I wouldnt have done it. The other two kids are young and raw and won’t be around to make an impact if they do at all for another 4 or 5 years. In all regards they are good defensive players but slap hitters. Make no mistake about it, this was a steal for the Phills. Ed Wade must feel he owes them one because I can’t believe he couldn’t get a better package elsewhere.

  17. Howie has put this game “In The Books” just where it should be so that R.A.Dickey can save it for his grandchildren. He gave us a masterpiece this afternoon and we are so very thankful that he did.

    Everyone involved in today’s game on the Mets did their part – Ike Davis gave the team the runs as a cushion, and Carlos Beltran and others asked to be included on today’s roster even after the Midnight ending of the game of last night. These guys played their hearts out and their fans appreciate them.

    Tomorrow’s game is against the Diamondbacks at Citi Field at 7:10PM
    Mike Pelfrey has been named as the pitcher.

    See You Then—

  18. SteveC and Wishy2 –
    Thanks for minding the store during the storm – it was a great game.

  19. Annie (55) No problemo. After being called up from the minors for this game to fill in when needed, Jerry called me into the office after the game and informed me I was being demoted. That my services were no longer needed.

    Hopefully there will be no need for a fill-in, long man tomorrow. :-(