I can’t believe they walked Pujols.

Prior to every series, the manager and his coaches go over the opposition’s lineup and pick a player they won’t let beat them. He’s a player you don’t pitch to unless you absolutely need to. Albert Pujols is such a player.

Given that, Jerry Manuel’s decision to pitch to Pujols boggles the mind. That he wasn’t swinging the bat well doesn’t matter. He’s Pujols. You walk him.

2 thoughts on “I can’t believe they walked Pujols.

  1. With Holliday up next and having just as good if not better season than Albert, why not pitch to Pujols who was gimpy late in that game. Plus now you move a second runner into scoring position.

    It didnt work. And just because you walk Albert to pitch to Holliday doesnt mean he wont drive in a run. In fact he probably drives in 2 runs and gives us no chance in the bottom of the inning.

    I understand Jerry’s decision.

  2. Pujols is a monster, even from the beginning. last night they talked about how he got into little league i think. 12 out of 13 pitches out of the park.