Mets Chat Room; Cardinals in town.

Game #100 vs. Cardinals

Things can always get worse. The question is: Will they ever get better? I mean, this year.

The weak-hitting Mets – who were shut out four time on their disastrous West Coast trip – open a three-game series tonight at Citi Field against St. Louis and Adam Wainwright, who is 4-0 with a 0.25 ERA over his last five starts and hasn’t allowed a run in 25 straight innings.

That’s whom the Mets will try to get better against.

The Mets went 2-9 on the trip, hit .196 and scored just 23 runs. One of the games they won was a gift from a bad umpire’s call.

“There’s no question that everybody’s frustrated,’’ said David Wright. “I think it adds to the frustration that our starters have been throwing the ball extremely well and our bullpen’s been solid. We just can’t get any runs for them. But now is not the time to hang your head or mope around.’’

Needing to pitch a shutout tonight – or at least it seems that way – will be Jonathon Niese, the beneficiary of all of four runs over his last three starts. He is 0-2 with a 3.20 ERA in that span.

The Mets return home with their coaching staff intact. There was speculation Howard Johnson would take the fall for the offense, but they decided that since their offense clicked in June that it would again.

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  1. The news about Jason Bay and his concussion broke about a couple of hours ago. He felt ill on the plane ride home. Not much is known, but he is definitely out for a couple of days.

  2. Thats the result of slamming into the pole. *sigh*
    and our crack medical team missed it again..
    and they want to release HoJo!

  3. Steve (5) I heard all of this on WFAN around 6PM from Eddie Coleman. I’m not exactly sure what Jerry did to get the suspension. Perhaps arguing a call……

  4. nice play at home. tough break on the next pitch. plenty of game.
    6. Thanx annie!

  5. wow. talk about psychic. gary and keith just discussed it.
    friday. manuel argued a call and his cap touched the umps cap. and called contact.

  6. 10,13 did you see where leyland was tossed out because some spittle came out of his mouth and fell on the umps chest. I am really getting sick of umpires.

  7. John – now that you’ve heard about the concussion, what do you think of how the Mets will deal with this?

    There must be something about planes that brings out the effects of a concussion.

  8. I love the ever eminent oblique injury. very opportune.
    Gickey gets his premiere catcher. blacno’s bat stays in. and then we get hessman.

    funny how that happens.

  9. 26. its called altitude. and poor med staff.
    20. no managers should get an appeal as do players.

  10. Perhaps Francoeur likes the idea of being a professional baseball player, but not actually playeing the game….

  11. Annie (26): They’ll shut him for up to 72 hours before he’s examined again. Evidently, the symptoms didn’t surface until he was on the flight. Must have been the air pressure. By all accounts the medical staff did everything right.-JD

  12. ok. so how does a catcher delay a game for sun glasses?
    our catcher better get that kind of love.

  13. francoeur’s bat is quiet. but he’s catching and his cannon arm is not to be dismissed.
    if he was the only met not hitting i would rag him. but he isnt.. its like the mike piazza years. for 2 years he carried the team. until his bat finally went quiet and then evereyon started hating him.. cept me.
    fair is fair.. just like wright.. dont hate the man because hs bat went quiet the stress of being the only hitter wears thin..

  14. pujols hurt. and keith states again. why during regular season he didnt work out he played.
    off season is for working out. season is for playing. when u r an everyday player you are getting your workout when u play.
    I cant agree more.

  15. SteveC (33): Very well put. Francoeur always gives 100 percent. That’s why I like him. Early in the season when he was hitting he was more patient than he is now. Currently, he’s swinging at everything. Pitchers see this and give him garbage.-JD

  16. 34. i liked barajass more than blanoc. its a shame. he will probably be DFA-ed

    after an opportune DL comes the DFA. unless you have a huge contract like Pedro. like delgado. like Ollie.

  17. 36. wright did the same thing. and had a hitch in his swing. he needs to relax again. but pressure is on. it will be hard for all the heavy bats to get back to basics.

  18. SteveC (37): I think they should eat Ollie’s contract and be done with it. If the Mets are afraid of him turning it around somewhere else, that’s ridiculous. If he does, he does. There’s nothing they can do about it. They can’t trade him. The Mets are over a barrel. They should get over it and move on.-JD

  19. SteveC (39): It took Wright awhile to get it right the first time. It’s going to take time again. He, and the Mets, are running out of time.-JD

  20. agreed with both points. my issue is with manuel he isnt consistent. BUT i will give him one thing. he goes out and takes the umpire hit. he does protect the players.
    dispite his bad moves… he makes up with being good about running out and defending. one thing randolph lacked a bit. because of torre .. what randolph didnt know was torre when he was player manager for the mets was a volcano. he mellowed after going to the yankees.

  21. 42. wants to lose. or put the nail in ollie’s coffin. only thing i can think of..

  22. NIce running by Beltran. He read that well and moved fluidly, too. Good sign. … Here’s a chance for Francoeur with RISP. Let’s see what he does this time.-JD

  23. 50, 51 Hey Steve C and JD. You too, Annie — and Ray, if you’re in the house. I wasn’t online Sunday because I was at the game, watching with two other Mets fan friends, watching us get blanked.

  24. according to “stats” francouer his 70% successful with a runner on 3rd. better than any other met on the team. he just proved it.
    but as i say. i also like to watch the player because the stats never speak the whole picture.

  25. John (62) I’m glad he’s playing tonight – I’m not a big fan of the Cardinals.

    Is there a big crowd?

  26. i watch him all the players.. i throw stats away when i watch a game. i can tell when they are trying or going through the motions.frenchy rarely goes through the motions. now Delgado that man went through the motions way too many times.
    Reyes.. gets full of himself and swings for the fence way too much… until he comes back from the clouds and swings to get on base…

  27. Howie is reporting that it was exactly a month ago that Francoeur last hit a homer.

  28. with manuel out do you think niese will be given a complete game if he continues to pitch this way?

  29. 67. homers are fine. but they are rally killers. with out small ball. to get people on base and moving.. its only 1 run.
    rallies mess with pitchers to no end.

  30. SteveC (69): Manuel is still calling the shots. He all depends on pitch counts. I know, I know. Nobody wants to hear that but that’s how they “play” the game today.-JD

  31. 65 SteveC: Dude, how’d Delgado go through the motions hitting 38 homers back in ’08?

  32. what a horrid bunt. its as if he was forced to bunt. \\ and wanted to really hit.

  33. 72. ever watch his swings. ever watch him cover 1st. there were plenty of times. he was hurt and lied and you could see.. its all about body language. all my rants.. were well founded..

  34. 74 Huh? How were your rants well-founded? How is someone who is playing hurt “going through the motions”? Delgado tried to play through the pain and we gladly took the vital offense he provided in exchange for a few ground balls he couldn’t get to, unlike when Braden Looper pitched hurt and hurt the team damn near every time he took the mound.

  35. BOTTOM FIFTH INNING: We interrupt this blog with the announcement that the Mets just scored their fifth run of the game. There’s no stopping them now. They are a machine.-JD

  36. 77 So SteveC. are you saying that Delgado’s 38 homers and 115 RBI in ’08 hurt the team? How about his .297 batting average and 4 homers and 23 RBI in 26 games last year, before he got hurt?

  37. nice pagan stole again. we cannot lose him as an everyday player talking about breaking out of a cocoon.

  38. 79. those 38 homeruns. were not clutch if you remember.. they were not deal sealers.

  39. Gil – I’ve always been of the opinion that you should leave the playing fields when you are still playing fairly well.

    I’ve always respected some of the former Mets who did that – Olerud, Piazza, etc.

    A player I know has set the figures for when he’ll leave, not wanting to start to fade away in public.

  40. John (78) Of course, they are playing like kids at school whose teacher has left the room.

  41. 82 SteveC: LOL! Dude, that is such a weak argument. Delgado’s 38 homers didn’t happen in a vacuum. They certainly were a HUGE reason the Mets stayed in contention that year as long as they did, before blowing their divisional lead.

  42. 84/85. agreed.

    there’s no burning out. leave while you are a head.. and you van always ride your fame sports casting etc.
    its when you squander the money or greedy they stay in the game. nolan ryan , is of course and exception.

  43. Gil (84): I never would have thought it. I thought they’d come out with some life because they are home, but they’ve surprised me.-JD

  44. 85 Annie, I hear you, but not every player has another career pursuit to fall back on. Not all players have the education or the money. Some players have foolishly frittered away their earnings — or have gone through costly divorces and/or child support payments — and may have to keep playing to earn a living.

  45. What was up with that throw to first? A homer now and the Cardinals are right back in the game.

  46. Gil –
    A former co-employee of mine always used the PPPPPPs to remind people of his policy.

    “Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance”

    Not a bad Plan…

  47. Gil (93): Wright had time to set to make a strong throw but rushed it. … Niese gets out of it. Maybe one more inning for him.-JD

  48. 94 Yeah nice plan, Annie, but try telling many pro athletes without a college education that line when they’re getting rich and think they’re set for life.
    How many really listen?
    How many ballers just let a corrupt agent handle their finances and wake up one day and find themselves broke?

  49. Gil (97): You’re right. When you’re young and rich you think you are invincible and have all the answers. There are way too many who don’t invest their signing bonus wisely that would set them up for life.-JD

  50. Gil –

    You’re not selling me on your sad athlete’s stories.

    Where are their brains and where are their parents?

    It drives me crazy when I see parents who are pushing their kids into athletics for the dollars.

    Perhaps if you had kids you’d understand.

  51. 98 And even when you’re not young and not rich, you think you have it made because a huge contract is going to be handed to you. I’ve worked with some student-athletes who simultaneously struggled to write complete sentences. They didn’t make the pros. Wonder how they’re faring these days.

  52. John – Yes, I know that “life is what happens while you’re making other plans” I’ve been there, too.

    Who pitches tomorrow?

  53. 99 Annie, come on. Give me a little more credit than that. I don’t have to be a dad to understand. I’ve been a sports reporter. I am a teacher. I’ve taught student-athletes. I’ve interviewed pro athletes who are poorly educated. My heart hurts for athletes who because of a lack of education, mentors, guidance fall prey to people who take advantage of them financially and swindle them. Annie, you make the assumption that mosty pro athletes have come from stable, comfortable backgrounds and have parents and other role models guiding them at every turn and have a solid education behind them.
    Annie, if you’re a young person coming out of the ‘hood or off the farm, or don’t have English proficiency to understand the fine print, you’re going to struggle.
    Do you not have compassion for these athletes?

  54. Gil – I haven’t assumed anything. I was widowed twice and raised two boys here in this small town. We all have our stories.

  55. 108 Yeah, but Annie, you assumed that because I’m not yet a dad, that I wouldn’t understand. Thankfully, your sons had a mom like you who raised them right. I’ll give you three examples of star athletes close to our hearts who failed off the field — Darryl Strawberry, Lenny Dykstra and Doc Gooden. Straw had a famously abusive dad who abandoned his family. Lenny didn’t have much of an education and went on to have alcohol issues. Doc grew up in a two-parent, middle-class household. Straw succumbed to his own demons and temptation, Dykstra’s name has been rumored to be involved in steroids and then didn’t have good business advice and squandered his money in bad investments, while Gooden arrived in the bigs at 19 and soon got caught up in the fast lane.
    Much was expected from all of them off the field and none was mature enough to handle it.
    I wish they had been and it pains me to see them struggling now — especially after they gave me so much enjoyment with what they did on the field. That’s all I’m saying.

  56. John –
    Cleveland has beat the Yankees 4 to 1 tonight on Alex Rodriguez’ birthday. He did not hit a home run.

  57. John – K Rod is another subject for another night. Let’s hope we can get out of here safely ahead for once….

  58. Howie has put this lovely game ‘In the Book’. A happy crowd has enjoyed fine weather and good baseball from the home team tonight.

    I wonder if the absence of Manager Jerry Manuel had a role to play here…..

    Final Score Mets 8 Cardinals 2

    Johan Santana pitches tomorrow at 7PM- I need to see that.

    See you then

  59. A QUICK WRAP/Game #100

    FINAL: Mets 8, Cardinals 2.
    RECORD: 51-49.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Go figure. An ice cold team takes on one the game’s premier pitchers in Adam Wainwright and have a breakout game.
    ON THE MOUND: Jon Niese gave up a run in the first inning then settled down for a good game, giving up one run on seven hits in six innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Jeff Francoeur and Jose Reyes homered. … Carlos Beltran got a couple of hits off Wainwright.
    IN THE FIELD: David Wright and Ike Davis committed errors.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana gets the start tomorrow night.-JD