Wishing and hoping ….

The trade deadline is four days away and the Mets aren’t linked to anybody. Not anybody good enough to turn things around. They have even passed on the opportunity to make a symbolic splash by shaking up their coaching staff. And, of course, they’ve passed on several chances to make what would have been an impact decision by cutting Oliver Perez.

The Mets have done nothing to help their team, and did nothing last offseason to address their biggest need, which is pitching. Instead, the Mets have remained stagnant and they are what they are, which is barely a .500 team.

They are reduced to hoping things will jump start for the same tired cast of mediocre characters. They are hoping players who have shown little ability to sustain over time will sudden do so and perform at an All-Star level. That’s Beltran, Bay, Wright and Reyes – the core four.

They are hoping for the offense to kick it in gear. They are hoping Mike Pelfrey will regain his form from the first two months. They are hoping the bullpen can get outs and they won’t have to use Perez. They are hoping to win with 24 players.

They are hoping what hasn’t worked will suddenly work. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The Mets are hoping for a miracle … and won’t get one.

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  1. The truth about the Mets/Wilpon finances has been practically non-existent ever since Bernie Maddox was led out of his apartment in handcuffs four years ago and the ponzi scheme was discovered.

    Somehow the Wilpons have managed to stay ‘in charge’, but they have never offered an explanation for why they cannot man or fund this baseball operation properly. I’m sure MLB has dealt with their kind before – after all fortunes are made and lost every day….aren’t they?

    No, they are not, and when a major league baseball team in a major market needs to have capital to keep going they had better find some, sell the team or put the team in the control of others.

    In fact – to put the money issue aside – why do we never hear from the Owner – Fred Wilpon? It might help him to clear the air and give a simple explanation of the situation at hand. Otherwise, this team is headed in the wrong direction.

    New Yorkers are great people, but they demand the facts — It is time for Fred to fess up as to exactly just what is going on here.

  2. i hope i can find the money to make one game at the new citi field. but first i want to want to go ..

  3. Annie, your comments are especially telling considering you have some inside knowledge to thier workings. I remember a year or two ago you were defending fred. I guess things have changed since then.

  4. what is most frustrating about all of this is that there is plenty of talent out there to be had if a team is willing to pick up a contract. The Angels got haren for minimal talent because they picked up the contract. How would haren look in our rotation? Sorry, despite their denials, wilpons cant take on any payroll. This pathetic organizations plan is to find a gm as dumb as omar to dump ollie on. Sell the team Wilpon. SELL SELL SELL !!!

  5. Mets are eight in the National League in attendance after leading it jut two years ago.

  6. Ray (4): Despite the denials from the Mets and the Wilpons, not acting at the deadline says all you need to know about their ability to take on payroll. And, please … I don’t want to hear for a second that what’s out there is no better than what they have.-JD

  7. john(9)

    so i guess the meeting the other day by the trinity was to discuss ways to improve the team with what we have?

  8. 20. it was all about blaming HoJo. because lets face it .. its his fault and not Warthen or Manuel or even Omar.

    Meanwhile the mysterious oblique DLs just keep coming. These guys are over training… and i am sure it isnt HoJo saying pump that iron….
    he;s probably telling them go out and get hammered and loose for tomorrow..