Meeting to discuss the obvious — the Mets aren’t that good.

“When you have a trip like this, you have to sit down and assess how you’re going to get it right. We’re not going to sit back.’’ – Omar Minaya

MINAYA: Problems are wide spread.

Today is not a good day if you’re a Mets coach. After a 2-9 trip in which the general manager gave a vote of confidence to no coach, it is a day as a coach when you hope the phone doesn’t ring.

Word is Minaya, manager Jerry Manuel and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon are in meetings today assessing what went wrong on the trip to San Francisco, Arizona and Los Angeles. They could save a lot of time and only go over what went right.

Presumably, Manuel’s job is safe, but nobody else has security, perhaps least of all, hitting coach Howard Johnson. HoJo, it seems, is being lined up to take the hit after the disastrous trip that saw the Mets plummet from contending status to a lost-season state.

Funny, when the Mets were stinging the ball in June, nobody was lining up to give Johnson an extension or raise. Then again, it never works that way.

Pitching coach Dan Warthen is probably safe because the pitching has been decent much of the year. He can thank R.A. Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi for keeping the rotation afloat while John Maine and Oliver Perez struggled.

There is a lot of panic surrounding your Mets, and much of it stems from the fall after a blistering June that saw them climb 11 games over .500.

The Mets have had ten games shaved off their record and the day before the Cardinals come to town they stand one gave over .500. They are the picture of mediocrity.

It’s doubtful, but in their meetings today, I hope they discuss the real problem is that there’s little difference between today’s Mets and the team that finished 70-92 last season, 22 games under .500.

Jason Bay was added at the cost of $66 million, but his contributions have been minimal. … The rotation was not upgraded in the offseason, although Dickey was promoted and Takahashi used as a stop-gap only when Perez and Maine went south. … Carlos Beltran missed the first half and Jose Reyes missed a little more than a month.

The lack of run support has been significant for Johan Santana and Dickey, and now Mike Pelfrey has hit the skids. … David Wright’s numbers are up in comparison to last year, but he’s cold again. … Jeff Francoeur has been cold since late April and has settled back into becoming the player the Braves gave up on. … The Mets have lost 12 games in walk-off style, an indictment of the bullpen.

Yes, the panic comes when comparisons are made between the June and July Mets. But, you are what your record says you are, so the more accurate comparison should be between the team that limped home and last year’s team. When you view the Mets through those glasses and understand little improvement was made over the winter, you realize the Mets are lucky to be where they are, which is a .500 team.

You also realize, that sacking the hitting coach is not the answer for a team with a myriad of holes. The Mets are what they are, and that’s a mediocre baseball team.

10 thoughts on “Meeting to discuss the obvious — the Mets aren’t that good.

  1. So wait. It’s all HoJo’s fault. not the fact that warthen ruins pitchers. the medical staff has no clue. Manuel takes out a winning pitcher so that we can lose by relief.
    Amazing.. simply amazing..
    Honestly.. if Steingrabber were in charge. they would ALL be gone.
    and actually that would be more fair than chucking only HoJo.

  2. No help coming at the deadline. Haren off the boards for a not very impressive package the angels sent. Same old mets. You are correct. Firing Hojo is not a long term solution, but the phils got rid of their hitting coach and have won 4 in a row since. Wilpon told francessca he will never sell the team. Lets see if day after day of an empty ballpark will change his mind. In the past Wilpons gave lots of money for Omar to squander. Now it looks like the money spigot has run dry. Not only will he not eat castillo or perezes contract but he wont even eat omars. The only solution is ownership change. what good is it to replace the manager and GM if ownership is on the verge of bankruptcy. A clean sweep is needed. nothing less will do.

  3. 3. dont blame all the walkoffs on the pen. when the team cant score in extra innings its just a matter of time before a pitcher lets up a run. Saturdays game is a perfect example.

  4. 3. I Can blame the pen when we are winning 3-0. and the pen gives up 5 runs.

    Other than that .. Wilpon is bankrupt in part because of Maddoff.
    We need a white knight.. in any form. owner,manager,a player that will bring a spark to the team.

  5. The truth about the Mets/Wilpon finances has been practically non-existent ever since Bernie Maddox was led out of his apartment in handcuffs four years ago and the ponzi scheme was discovered.

    Somehow the Wilpons have managed to stay ‘in charge’, but they have never offered an explanation for why they cannot man or fund this baseball operation properly. I’m sure MLB has dealt with their kind before – after all fortunes are made and lost every day….aren’t they?

    No, they are not, and when a major league baseball team in a major market needs to have capital to keep going they had better find some, sell the team or put the team in the control of others.

    In fact – to put the money issue aside – why do we never hear from the Owner – Fred Wilpon? It might help him to clear the air and give a simple explanation of the situation at hand. Otherwise, this team is headed in the wrong direction.

    New Yorkers are great people, but they demand the facts — It is time for Fred to fess up as to exactly just what is going on here.

  6. There was only one SteinGrabber. has met fans we loved to hate him because of his control and his media appearance. in all our decades of ownerships. we rarely see our owner(s)

  7. John

    Both of us were saying we need pitching this offseason.

    This post brings home the point that not much was done in the offseason. And what was done hasnt worked out.

    I predicted in the offseason that the best they can hope for is a 500 team.

    That is what we have.

    What has surprised me and gives me hope is the youth. Ike is our first baseman and Ruben was here.

    They gave the team energy and drive.

    Unfortunately our scout doesnt know how to draft. We have no starting pitching help this year and probably not next. We could also use a legit 2b and an OF. We lack catching too.

    Oh yeah. A closer.

    Many holes. Not enough shovels.

  8. 7. Dave i disagree about the catching and outfield.
    other than that you are spot on.. 😉

  9. SteveC

    there is this guy neuiwenhaus or something like that. i forgot if he is at AA or AAA.

    there is thole, but he has been catching maybe 2 years. he can hit but his catching is suspect. ie not really a starter.

    you could have bay/beltran/pagan in the OF. i guess that is good. FMart is NA. beltran is starting to get old and hopefully bay turns around. my point is there is not much OF in the minors and that is supposed to be an easy position to fill.

  10. I think Thole is doing a decent job considering.

    you would think OF would be easy to fill..
    seems like running has become a lost art..

    lets see what the future brings..