Mets Chat Room; limping home.

Game #99 at Dodgers

The Mets ended the first half with a sputter, but with optimism as they prepared to welcome Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes back to their lineup.

They started this 11-game road trip to start the second half as definite contenders in the NL East, but are ending it on a slide that could spell the end to their season.

They are 7 ½ games behind Atlanta and 1 ½ games behind Philadelphia. In fact, they are just as close to the Phillies as they are the Marlins.

In losing eight of 10 – and it should be nine of 10 – the Mets have batted .194 and averaged less than three runs a game.

“I’m not sure if it’s a matter of what they are doing to us or what we’re not doing,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “We have to find a way to score some runs.’’

Here’s today’s lineup:

Jose Reyes, SS

Luis Castillo, 2B

David Wright, 3B

Carlos Beltran, CF

Jason Bay, LF

Ike Davis, 1B

Jeff Francoeur, RF

Josh Thole, C

RA Dickey, RP

5 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; limping home.

  1. WPIX game. I still instinctively reach to hit “9” on my remote before realizing they are on “11”.

    Will Manuel realize it is better to have a pitcher throw with his weak arm than Ollie throw with his dominant arm?

  2. How injured is Dickey. he seemed as if he wasnt. Is this the medical team trying to be cautious since they already ruined 6 players?
    If he had stayed in we may have won.

  3. oh and the beard ollie. aint working. if you grew it to pretend you were a different ollie. too bad your cover’s blown.
    go talk to Bobby V. about disguises.