Mets Chat Room; Pelfrey tries to halt his slide.

Game #98 at Dodgers

NOTE: Sorry about last night. I had some computer issues and watched helplessly as the Mets finally won.

The Mets stopped one slide last night, can they halt another this afternoon?

The Mets’ dismal road trip – now 2-7 after Johan Santana’s sparkler last night – continues today in Los Angeles with Mike Pelfrey attempt to end a three-game losing streak in which he has failed to make it out of the fifth inning in each.

“I’m just going through one of the worst stretches of my life,’’ said Pelfrey, who has a 15.30 ERA during that span.

In the worst start of his career Monday in Arizona, Pelfrey gave up six runs on seven hits in 1 1/3 innings.

Mets manager Jerry Manuel said Pelfrey has a mental block when it comes to his fastball; he doesn’t trust it anymore and is relying too much on his secondary pitches.

“He’s not a finesse pitcher, he’s not a trick guy,’’ Manuel said.  “He’s a power, sinker guy, and that’s what he’s got to get back to.’’

11 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Pelfrey tries to halt his slide.

  1. THIRD INNING: I didn’t realize this, but the Mets are 14th in the NL in on-base percentage. Too many strikeouts; not enough walks.-JD

  2. Castillo is back hitting second in the order. They scored six last night, so he’s back there again. If they win today, he’ll probably be there again tomorrow.-JD

  3. SIXTH INNING: Runners at first and third with one out and they are batting for Pelfrey. They don’t have enough confidence in the offense that they’ll score.-JD

  4. BOTTOM 12TH INNING: Runners on second and third, one out, they bring in Perez to pitch to Either. … He gets him on a pop-up. … They walk Furcal intentionally to bring up Carroll. This could be a big lift for Perez.-JD

  5. What should the Mets do with Oliver Perez?

    You ever see the movie Old Yeller?

  6. Last 7 innings no Mets hits off Dodgers bullpen? That should drop us to 15th in on base percentage.

    Was it really necessary to take out Pelfrey? Tell him to swing the bat three times and hope he gets lucky. He can’t be much worse than a pinch hitter. You take a pitcher out, you are one pitcher closer to Coin Flip.

  7. Mike always loses it every year.

    I wish he would learn to pitch and at least keep us in the game.

    One year hopefully he will not have a spell when you wonder if he is a MLB player.