Just do the math ….

I see where Omar Minaya gave Jerry Manuel a vote of confidence. Not that it matters. You know how those things work out.

Also, Fernando Nieve was designated for assignment after last night’s game. Yeah, that will do it.

Honestly, after doing the math I’m not sure anything will, even if the offense scores ten runs tonight.

Just do the math.

The Mets are 49-47, two games over .500 when they were once 11.

Assuming it takes 90 wins to qualify as a wild card, the Mets would have to go 41-25 (16 games over .500) the rest of the way.

Never mind how many days until the trade deadline, how many days until spring training?

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  1. OK so they blew out Nightly Nieve’s arm pitching him every day. and now he’s gone.
    maybe if they let the pitchers that are pitching well just stay in the game that wouldnt happen.. is KRod next or feliciano?
    Its ok to blow your bullpens arm out but stretching the starter’s arm isnt a good idea. I dont think the we will make the wildcard at this pace. M&M need to be DFA


  2. 41-25 the rest of the way? HAHAHAHA!!!!

    This team stinks. Omar has no clue on how to build a winner. Our coaching staff has no clue on how to work with its players.

    Clean house. Fire everyone. Start over (No Bobby V. please.) Our stars get hurt every year and we have no real plan to deal with it. Our pitchers stink every year and we do nothing about it. The team we’re watching right now is the real Mets. Not the one that gave us false hope just a few weeks ago. We’re done. And hopefully Omar realizes that before he makes a stupid trade for a mediocre pitcher that wont help us enough to be winners.

  3. 2. i said that last year to wishy2.
    i mentioned that we wouldnt like it but maybe we need to do what the Marlins did. and just start from scratch and see where that goes.

    Bobby V. would keep it interesting!

    ok how bout Keith?! but its too much work. he likes what he is doing.. then who??? who do we want to see as manager..

    Hey JD: there ya go.. why dont we have a debate on who should manage the Mets

  4. 41-25


    this is like last year.

    since nieve went down is misch up?

    we need a starter. we arent trading for one, at least he can keep us in the game.

  5. kernan in the post has a great article today about the reasons the mets cant score runs. starting catcher with .265 oba. second basemen with a combined .575 oba. reyes not getting on base enough and on and on. Omar got lucky with pagan. he and wright have carried the offense all year but they cant do it alone. I havent even mentioned bay.

  6. who does omar think hes fooling? if jerry goes the focus shifts to him. jerry didnt put together this mess. omar did. remember when ollie and maine were examples of omars genius? His drafts have been lousy and dont tell me about ike. even a broken clock is right twice a day. No help is coming for two reasons. nothing in the minors to trade (again) and now wilpons are broke. Besides Omar only likes to trade in the wintertime.

  7. Ray
    The minors are not as bare as people think. Part of the problem is that Davis and Thole are with the big club.
    The other guys are in the lower levels. Wilmer Flores is someone most scouts see as a star down the road. Kirk N is doing well. Meija would be up there in the rankings if not for the mistake of putting him in the pen this year, which slowed his development. Reese Havens is a talent, who has been hurt. Tejada is another talent, who is all of 20.
    Draft choices typically take time before they are ready. This is not to say that Omar has done a great job drafting (way too many relievers in my opinion). But he has made some good picks. One problem is that the owners will not allow him to go over slot. Other teams do this to grab talented players late. The Mets sadly do not, out of some misguided desire to to upset Selig.

  8. I just want consistency with management. Manual is not a manager that rewards good play. No matter how often he says he is..

  9. 8. Ed, Davis looks like a keeper. Its way too early to tell about thole but then having two kids up shouldnt make the cupboard bare anyway. Pelfrys recent meltdown unless corrected will continue 25 years of not producing one front line starter and omar was the top talent evaluator under phillips so he is directly responsible for almost half of those 25 years.

  10. 10. Thole has huge potential. the fact he can catch the knuckle ball makes him a keepr. and he looks decent at the plate.
    Blanco is a very good catcher. But i see a huge difference between the 2. in Thole’s favor.

    davis was a find and a half!

  11. 8. Mejia has never done anything in the minors except throw hard. fmart a bust. Havens hurt. tejada overwhelmed by major league pitching. Look at a couple of his top picks from recent years, Kunz a bust. Matz on the DL from jump street. Other teams are producing too much talent these days to give omar a pass. He is one of the worst GMs in baseball.

  12. Flores could be a good one but he projects as a third baseman. I like Kirks numbers but he doesnt project as a star player. I dont know what happened to Holt. Everybody was talking about him last year but he is getting lit up to the tune of a 10 era last time i looked.

  13. 12. he was taken out way too soon.
    Tejada at 2nd was OK. his natural SS position showed when he played those times. But yeah not really ready for prime time.

  14. 11. Davis is hitting in the .240s. lets not get too excited yet. He is not in the ROY discussion.

  15. 15. who says he wont be OUR Buster? He’s young and so far is doing well.. he could be our gary carter, how would you feel if Thole gre up like that..

  16. 17. that would be wonderful except thole is not a home run hitter. At best he would mirror jason kendall.

  17. 18. give it time. besides if he hist consistently and has a sure hand and can catch base stealers. what more can we ask?!

  18. I can ask for buster Posey, but im not gonna get him. Thats the problem with being a met fan. You get conditioned to accepting second best. What about no frontline starters for 25 years? do you think thats ok too?

  19. Ray – You had to be in the right draft position to draft Posey. He was grabbed b4 the mets picked.

    As for Matz, a lot of teams have had guys go down with bum arms after being drafted.

    As for the dearth of arms over the past 25 yrs, a number of guys were used in trades. AJ Burnett was a Mets draft choice.

    Tejada is 20! How many 20 yr olds are able to handle ML pitching?

    As for depth, the problem is caused by multiple factors. First, poor drafting (again, way too many relief pitchers chosen a couple of yrs ago, as well as the lack of going over slot). Second, trading prospects (Carlos Gomez among others). Third, injuries (Martinez, Havens). And let’s not forget the lack of 1st rd picks due to signing Type A free agents.

    By no means am I saying Omar has done a great job with the draft. I do think he has done better than many give him credit for.

  20. 20. but as you said. born a met fan. conditioned: There’s always next year!

  21. 21. He’s better than Phillips. but lately he is almost on par with the man.

  22. 21. Carlos Gomez? please!! Burnett? ask a yankee fan if they think hes a frontline starter. You guys make pollyanna look like a depression case. Omars forte is supposed to be talent evaluation. Wheres the beef? Before Ike when was the last time the system has produced a starting player? David Wright who came on before Omars watch. This does not even take into consideration the bad contracts and terrible trades this man has inflicted upon us. You bring up a good point about the slotting. thats why wilpons have to go too but there are teams who have a lot less resources that make it to the postseason regularly. IM MAD AS HELL AND IM NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE. A POX ON THE HOUSE OF WILPON AND ALL OF THIER MINIONS OF MEDIOCRITY !!!!

  23. 24. spoken like a true network fan.
    Omar had a few. early on. he did.. reyes was one no? he also pulled a few miracles early on. i wont take that from him..
    I will stand by this statement. HE IS NOT AS BAD AS PHILLIPS. with that said.. i want that beef wrapped in bacon~!
    We just need consistency and cohesion. They kicked Church to the curb.. and many others.. and expect the team to react favorably. people played their hearts out and then make way .. Castillo is a wonderful at bat… however .. he was gone for awhile and his replacements deserve better treatment. Especially because. well if you ask me .. beltran and Castillo are still hurt.
    thank you met med staff..

  24. Yeah, Gomez. Who was rushed, but was well thought of by the Twins such that they asked for him in the trade for Santana.
    You wouldn’t want Burnett on this team? I would. I think he’d do better in the NL than the AL. He’s just overpaid by a lot.

    The farm is not as barren as people think. If Davis and Thole were there, people would think higher of it. When your higher prospects get promoted, it does take time to fill in the gaps. AAA is low on talent right now, but A and AA have some potential there.

    My fear is that Omar’s replacement is even worse. And that is possible.

  25. 26. yes .. its the difference between the devil you know and the devil you dont know.

  26. Omar certainly has not drafted well.

    i think all except for CarGo have done nothing for the Twins.

    I think Ike is/will be a good player. He really should have been in AAA this year, but he aint. He has done very well in the field. Way better than I was led to believe. As mentioned above, his BA needs to improve, but I am not down on him as an hitter either.

    The other players who have come up recently are Tejada and Parnell. I know Bobby melted down last year, but he did well for a while and it looks like right now he is doing ok.

    This is Slim Pickins from the farm tho. I like Nieuwenweiss (sp). He is not a HR hitter, but does extra base hits and his avg is ok. there are questions about range and CF tho.

    the other guys mentioned are far down the pike and there were 2 guys in st lucie now who were supposed to be up and coming pitchers who have had issues this year.

    so yes, for a vaunted talent evaluator Omar has not done well.

    I did not even mention FMart whose best position is the hospital.