Mets Chat Room; patchwork lineup and Takahashi tonight.

Backed by a patchwork lineup, the Mets’ Hisanori Takahashi is being asked not only to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers, but stop a free fall.

Game #96 at Dodgers

The Mets have lost six of seven since the break – and should’ve lost the game they won – and eight of ten. Once 11 games over .500, tonight they are only three.

They are hitting .192 with 15 runs in the seven games since the break, prompting tonight’s sitting of Jason Bay, Carlos Beltran and Rod Barajas. Enter Jeff Francoeur and Chris Carter in the outfield and Josh Thole behind the plate.

Francoeur, acknowledged as a team leader, has been in a long funk even before losing his job with Beltran’s return from the DL. His public image is one of happy-go-lucky, but in the end it’s all about playing time and Francoeur said he’d welcome a trade. Perhaps even requested.

Against that backdrop is Takahashi, who didn’t make it out of the third in his last start, Saturday at San Francisco.

Impressive when he first entered the rotation as a fill-in, Takahashi has struggled, going 1-2 with a 10.90 ERA in his last four starts. In that span he’s given up seven homers.

This stretch is why the Mets believe he’s better suited for the bullpen, which is why it is surprising he’s getting the ball despite other options.

The Mets won’t give Pat Misch a start and the Mets refuse to start Oliver Perez, despite giving him medical clearance. Jerry Manuel said Perez will work out of the bullpen, something he proved last night he’s not equipped to do.

35 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; patchwork lineup and Takahashi tonight.

  1. First inning and a run down. I hope the Mets decide to give Thole the majority of starts to see what he can do at catcher.

  2. 3. good. Thole works a count. barajas has only thrown out 4 baserunners this year. He hits a home run once in awhile but doesnt give much else.

  3. Ray (6): He carried the team earlier, but has since become a burden. I remember in May there were some who wanted to give him an extension.-JD

  4. BOTTOM THIRD INNING: Takahashi has settled down since the first. He still needs watching because hitters tend to get to him the second time around the order.-JD

  5. Ray (9): There are reports he could be gone by the end of the weekend. I see the Mets talking to teams about him, but not acting quickly. They never act quickly.-JD

  6. Ray (13): They’ve been needing pitching for a long time. I have my doubts he’ll pull anything off. Definitely not anything major.-JD

  7. Takahasi has held the Dodgers to that one run at the first. Unfortunately a one run deficit looks about as wide as the Grand Canyon

  8. BOTTOM SEVENTH INNING: Takahashi gets in trouble late in the games he starts. Manuel was pushing the envelope with him going this far. … Two runs. Now that’s huge.-JD

  9. EIGHTH INNING: Takahashi done for the night. He pitched a solid game. Gave the Mets more than they could have expected. Too bad the offense did nothing for him.-JD

  10. We’ve gone back to a time in the early 1970s when if Mets pitchers shutout their opponent, they were guaranteed a tie.

    Mets offense is stuck in the La Brea tar pits.

  11. A QUICK WRAP/Game #96

    FINAL: Dodgers 2, Mets 0.
    RECORD: 49-47.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Another strong pitching effort was wasted as the offense continues to sputter.
    ON THE MOUND: Hisanori Takahashi gave up two runs in seven innings.
    AT THE PLATE: The Mets were shut out for the third time on the road trip.
    IN THE FIELD: Jeff Francoeur started in right and Chris Carter in left.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana gets the start tomorrow night.-JD

  12. We made Kuroda look like Koufax. Tomorrow Santana has to pitch a shutout AND hit a home run. Maybe it’s time for Fred Wilpon to make one his clubhouse visits like he did earlier in Atlanta and the team was struggling. Not that it had anything to do with the subsequent winning streak but I am grasping at straws.

  13. amazing. that Randolph was let go for far less. and I dont think anyone of us was really calling for his head. just to vocalize more because he was too much like Torre. Now I am wondering if M&M was whispering sweet NOTHINGS in his ear.
    Time to pull Bobby V out of the sidelines and start winning.. watch how fast the organization shakes up.
    we will hate it for the rest of the season but i bet we get the wildcard!