Expect Bay to sit tonight

BAY: Just horrible.

His lineup finally intact, Jerry Manuel said he is contemplating juggling things tonight in Los Angeles.

After last night’s game Manuel told reporters he might sit Jason Bay – which I called for a couple of days ago – Carlos Beltran and Rod Barajas.

Beltran and Barajas drove in runs last night, with the latter breaking out of a long home run drought.

Sitting Bay is deserved. He went 0-for-6 with four strikeouts last night and is hitting .111 with no RBI in his past ten games.

“Just lost,’’ is how Bay describes himself.

The offense has been horrid, scoring just seven runs in the Arizona series and 15 runs in the seven games played since the start of the second half. The Mets have lost nine of their last 12 games, scoring less than four runs in ten of them. They’ve been shut out three times.

Things won’t be getting any easier, with four games against the Dodgers, three against St. Louis and three each against the Braves and Phillies.

16 thoughts on “Expect Bay to sit tonight

  1. Now he sits him? I think the lineup should be Pagan in center. Frenchy in Right and Beltran in Left. 😉

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  3. I did not see any reference to your blog.

    however i did see some interesting posts by our former all world first baseman.

    the first post is interesting considering some of the debates we have had here. is this why wally is in bklyn and they are doing well? i understand they hustle and work and play with the fire of their manager.


    Ex-Major Leaguers in the Minor Leagues

    By Keith Hernandez on 17. Sep, 2009

    Frank Robinson once told me he was managing for Triple-A down in Baltimore, before he went over to Montreal to manage, and the GM and the farm director were there scouting the top pitching prospects and he got into his pitch count in the sixth inning, and he was in a jam and they left him in to finish it.

    The pitcher got out of it and then Frank caught flack from the GM and the farm director saying he went over his pitch count. Frank said, “How we are going to find out if he’s got any guts. How is he going to feel good about himself, going in for an early Bud while someone else went in to clean up his mess as opposed to him going out there and feeling really good about himself and getting out of that jam.” If he does it, then let him go in and have a Budweiser.

    That’s where I think not having baseball people in the game, like they used to, down on that level hurts and a lot of that in fact is because – and I am guilty of this – I’ve made money enough where I don’t have to do be a minor league coach.

    When I was coming up, I played for Ken Boyer. There were all kinds of ex-major leaguers that were coaches in the minor leagues. The needed to make the money. It was a job to them… Some of my best coaches were minor league players that didn’t make it, they were some of my best coaches. You just can’t quantify having played for Ken Boyer as a manager in Triple-A. He’s been there and is a World Champion and a great player and a clutch hitter… You don’t have that in the minor leagues anymore today. It’s too systematic. It’s too sterile and too stat-oriented.

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    You Cannot Leave it in the Trainer’s Room

    By Keith Hernandez on 16. Sep, 2009

    I think that the workout programs have made today’s players better than we were. If we had done the same thing, I think I would have had better numbers. But, in the course of a season, I think they do too much.

    I think a guy like Jose Reyes, who plays hard and plays everyday and steals bases, you cannot leave it in the trainer’s room. You cannot leave it in the weight room. I think it should be scaled back. I think it’s a big mistake they are making.

    This is not a criticism of Jose Reyes – it is a criticism of their work regimen. They can do all that stuff in the off-season and work hard all they want to get themselves bigger and stronger. But, when the season starts, you have got to have some gas in the tank when its August, September.

    This isn’t football, where you play once a week… or basketball or hockey, where you play three times a week, four max. You play everyday in the big leagues, and it’s hot in the summer and you are outdoors, and you have got to have gas in the tank down the stretch.

  4. Gotta Love keith and the old chool players. He knows the score. the 40 odd years i watched the game. I agree with him .. its not the same game. It has gotten to the point that stratomtic (sic?) baseball games play almost the same as the player. the human element is gone. I remember watching the game wondering if they would take the pitcher out to get a crucial hit or eat the possible out to keep the other team in line.
    That was the excitement.. Now its .. well pitch 99 not long for this game..

    as for the everyday players Keith has said it on TV plenty of times. they work the core too much. once you start playing stretch and warm up leave the weights alone..
    We need some old school thinking in the game again..

  5. according to francessa the jerr watch has officially re-started. He is desperately trying to juggle the lineup and hope something clicks.

  6. Francouer is demanding a trade. so much for the team first concept. See ya frenchy, Love your defense but there are too many free swingers on this team and its time to start weeding some of them out.

  7. Was anybody else shocked to see perez come in to pitch in an extra inning tie game? Jerry really got greedy and left him in to pitch a second inning and had to yank him out when he hit the first batter in the inning. I said let him start in the poll. He is not to be trusted as a reliever. thats for sure. Its time to sheet or get off the pot already. give him the rope to hang himself with and be done with it already.

  8. 5. you cant blame Frenchy. Beltran is barely back. And he loses his spot. he has a fricken Cannon and he’s in a slump. Wright was in a half year slump we stuck by him. I never thought Frenchy should sit. *sigh*

  9. Ray (6): I thought Perez was going to lose the game the previous inning, so yes, I was surprised. The guy is a starter so let him start. If nothing else, they might catch lightning in a bottle and get six strong from him. If that happens, maybe somebody will bite. … Truth is, the only value Perez has to the Mets is the potential to turn it around as a starter. They have to pay him anyway, so let’s see if something is there or cut him.-JD

  10. Ray (5): It’s always easy to say things. The hard part is following through. Eventually, Francoeur would let his feelings be known. The Mets should explore their trade options with him if he doesn’t fit into their plans as a starter.-JD

  11. SteveC (7): I can see sticking by Wright during his slump, but Francoeur hasn’t built up the equity to get that treatment. Besides, he’s not playing well. Then again, neither is Bay, but the Mets are on the hook to him for $66 million.-JD

  12. 11. on the hook for bay.. on the hook for Beltran, on the hook for Perez.. we seem to be on the hook for a lot of players huh..
    feels like the tail end of Steve Phillips and the Jeremy Burnitz and No Vaughn era..

    I think maybe if Jerry was a better manager.. instead of always playing head games. You knew where you stood with davy J. Valentine. even Randolph.
    M&M forget that .. one minute u r gold next minute you are Iron Pyrate..

  13. 13. So the secreet is out the reason why Bobby V didnt go to marlins is because he’s going to show up at citi field?!

  14. we had to get bay.

    we didnt want to go after a pitcher to rely on and we needed a consistent big bat. the fact that he isnt hitting is not our fault. it was a good signing. a bit over $$ but we needed it. he has turned into a better D guy than i expected.

    the fact that we have 4 big contracts that are not producing to value – beltran/castillo/bay/perez is not all the gm’s fault.

    we got beltran because he was the hot commodity. he is injured, but when he plays he is a main guy, bay i covered above.

    castillo and ollie were just bad stupid signings by the current gm. neither were necessary in my book. he just wanted to give them more than they were worth.