Roster move: Perez activated.

PEREZ: He's back.

Oliver Perez was activated following yesterday’s game. To make room for him Justin Turner was optioned to Triple-A Buffalo, leaving Josh Thole around to catch another day.

Jerry Manuel lobbied hard to keep Thole, his third catcher, and got his way. Manuel said as long as Thole is on the roster he’ll play. This does leave a void as David Wright’s back-up. Henry Blanco?

But, what to do with Perez? Manuel said he’ll be the first lefty out of the bullpen. Despite Hisanori Takahashi’s recent problems, he’s still on to start Thursday at Los Angeles. There are no thoughts as of now of starting Perez.

And, falling under the category of: Let’s not hope that’s all there ┬áis.

The Mets signed free-agent reliever Chad Cordero, who missed all of last season following labrum surgery. Cordero briefly pitched for Seattle last month but opted to become a free agent rather than take a minor league assignment.

9 thoughts on “Roster move: Perez activated.

  1. Wow. you mean M&M saw Thole’s potential and vied to keep him. WOW just WOW..
    I think Dickey had something to do with it..
    What did Chad cost us? Hopefully nothing since he’s walking wounded along with every other mainstream player on our team.
    You know if we are going to be a team of rejects I would hope we would be more like the A-Team or Black Sheep Squadron. Not Meatballs or Bad news bears.

  2. Clearly the Mets are not interested in winning when they activate Coin Flip

  3. 2. when coin flip was paid in gold wilpon wants to get his money’s worth..

  4. SteveC

    (1): Dickey had a lot to do with it as Thole has become his personal catcher.
    (3): If they are to get their money’s worth, he’ll be starting again.-JD

  5. I’d rather take my chances on Chad Cordero coming back from surgery than Sean Green completely healthy…but this move is three years too late. Wish we could’ve gotten Cordero in 2007. If I remember right, we could’ve had Cordero even-up for Lastings Milledge.

  6. 6. we only pay for injured players. getting someone healthy would mean proper GM-ing.

  7. Thunderstorm shutting down my computers and modem. dont want nothing fried.
    have a great night and

    Lets go mets.. no sweep!

  8. Gil (6): I remember them passing on Cordero. They did nothing for the bullpen or rotation. Consequently, the pitching was in tatters during the stretch. Cordero could’ve made the difference.-JD