Pelfrey a mess

“There was a time when you could say, `Johnson, Jimenez, Pelfrey.’ You can’t say that right now.’’- Jerry Manuel.

PELFREY: He's unraveled.

At one time Mike Pelfrey was making signs and sounds of being an elite pitcher, but he has hit a wall in his development and regressed. Manuel said Pelfrey needs to re-establish his fastball and get back to pounding it low in the zone.

Pelfrey is a hot mess right now. He claims he’s healthy – I guess the dead arm period is over – and maybe so physically, but emotionally and mentally he’s damaged. He’s aiming the ball and going away from his power to finessing his pitches.

It’s now six straight starts in which he’s been off, with the last four being poor. He’s not going to find it overnight. It will be a progression before Pelfrey will be back again.

By that time, the season could be over.

3 thoughts on “Pelfrey a mess

  1. why is he aiming>? is it something Warthen put in his head?
    after the pschologist or whatever he got better right?
    maybe he needs some calming exercises.

  2. yesterdays interview was horrid. it showed how there’s no love with M&M.
    What he said about Frenchy. he’s like a starting pitcher now in relief trying to be a starter again.
    wow.. after making a statement like that how can you expect anyone to stay on the team.
    You expect STEINGRABBER to say that.. in this case Omar.
    But the manager??? I dont think Frenchy did anything that bad to warrant such an attack.