Perez coming and other notes.

* Oliver Perez is en route to Arizona but might not be activated immediately. Jerry Manuel said when Perez returns it would be as a situational lefty with Hisanori Takahashi remaining in the rotation.

The Mets would like to unload Perez’s contract in a trade for a pitcher.  With the asking price for Roy Oswalt and Dan Haren too high for GM Omar Minaya’s liking, the Mets are concentrating on a middle-tier arm such as Ted Lilly, Brett Myers, Ben Sheets or Jake Westbrook.

For some reason, they won’t give Pat Misch a chance. Misch pitched well for them last year and represented Triple-A Buffalo in that league’s All-Star game.

* We are expected to see Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes in the lineup tonight at Arizona. It will be the first time in over a year they’ve been on the field together.

* It is anticipated Luis Castillo will be activated for tonight’s game. Ruben Tejada, who played well in the field, but had his problems at the plate, is expected to be optioned to Triple-A Buffalo where he’ll get regular at-bats.

9 thoughts on “Perez coming and other notes.

  1. 1. before anyone says boo. yeah going back to triple A to get a handle on his bat is absolutely the right move.

    But perez? ugh. what to do with him…

  2. Boo. everybody love the kids, but he may just be another slick fielding no hit infielder like anderson hernandez. hopefully not. meanwhile the mets are in a pennant race and i welcome back Looie who can turn a double play and get on base too.

  3. francessa made a good point today. there are too many automatic outs on this team. along with the kid being sent down, they need to play pagan every day and put francouer on the bench and instead of sending thole back down they should give him the full time job and cut one of the other two catchers. that still leaves bay who is going nowhere so we can only hope he gets it together one day.

  4. 5. thole, what cracks me up. he hits well the only catcher that catches Dickey well. and M&M says he isnt good enough.
    I like barajas , blanco is decent. but thole has shined.

    But i guess when M&M says no its no.
    amazing how they dont do that to Perez etc.
    Taki should be middle relief.

    just goes to show you this teams management has no consistency

  5. i like ruben. i dont know the other career AAA guy who is still on the team.

    the only thing luis has over ruben is the bat. it certainly is not the glove or the hustle.

    the knock on thole is the glove. he has only been a catcher for what 2 years? he will get exposed.

    can he call a game for pelf/niese?

    is jose healthy or are they trotting out an injured player again because they can?

  6. listen there was a time when you had a catcher for a particular pitcher. so you play barajas most days and play thole exclusively for Dickey and any other pitcher that likes him.

  7. i think they should call up misch. he has earned it. if they arent going to get a pitcher, he would help. i have no confidence in an ollie with an 86 mph fastball with no movement.