Mets Chat Room; time to stop fooling around.

It is time for the Mets and Mike Pelfrey to stop fooling around.

Game #93 at Diamondbacks

At one time the Mets were 11 games over .500 and a game behind Atlanta. They go into Arizona tonight just six games over and five games behind.

Their slide and coincided with Pelfrey’s five-start skid in which he went 1-3.

Tonight they have the Diamondbacks, one of the worst teams in the sport.

The Diamondbacks could represent an oasis in what is a desert of a schedule for the Mets, who just lost three of four at San Francisco. From Arizona the Mets have four games at Los Angeles, then return home for a brief series against St. Louis before meeting up with Atlanta and Philadelphia.

By the time that stretch is completed we should know just how much of a contender the Mets are really.

59 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; time to stop fooling around.

  1. FIRST INNING: Reyes followed by Pagan. That’s when the Mets have been at their best. … Manuel said Pagan is the full time right fielder.-JD

  2. The Mets really don’t have a back-up at third base. Wright will need some time off eventually. It will be interesting to see what Manuel will do.-JD

  3. its a shame. frenchy has that great arm. and the bat does wake up. Shame real shame.

    Pregame: That was interesting that bay and Beltran have similar 1st years with the mets.

  4. SteveC (5): I have my doubts about Bay ever turning it on this year. His year, I feel, will be like Wright’s was last year.-JD

  5. castillo bobbles wonderful. if that was frenchy . i think it would have been a double,

  6. what did they do to Pelf. something happened.
    I dont think they talk to the pitchers until they are on the mound.

  7. something shook his confidence again. it isnt like he is throwing erratic. he is throwing cautious/scared.
    He’s miissing that confidence..

  8. you know . i was at the game lieter gave up 5 or 6 runs to the braves at shea in 1st inning. it sucked. but valentine left him in…
    he didnt give up any more. but we didnt get many hits .. :-\
    maybe Pelf should be left in.. what the hell.

  9. Our boys our toast. Not just tonight. The season. You could see this coming a mile away. Everyone was talking about Mike Pelfrey possibly winning 20 games this year when he raced to 10 wins. So did Pat Zachry for the ’78 Mets. R.A. Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi have both come back down to earth. Bottom line is this team wasn’t that good to begin with.

  10. Gil (19): Actually, Dickey hasn’t been getting any runs lately. But, your point is well taken. This is a bad stretch during a tough schedule. At this pace it won’t matter if they make a trade or not.-JD

  11. Yeah, Dickey hasn’t been getting many runs, but come on…there had to be a good reason why he didn’t even make the Mets rotation out of Spring Training and why he’s bounced around different organizations his whole career. By the time Sunday night rolls around, the Mets could very well be back to being a .500 team.

  12. Gil (24): How about making it through the fifth. He hasn’t done it the last three starts and based on pitch counts, won’t do it tonight.-JD

  13. 23 Nope, blaming nothing on Dickey. Through no fault of his own, Dickey would be best on a team deep in pitching where he’d be a spot starter or long reliver. That Omar Minaya thought that somehow Dickey and Takahashi would be the pitching acqutitions we needed and that an injured John Maine and chronically erratic Oliver Perez could be counted on to anchor the rotation is beyond crazy. I blame Omar Minaya for constructing this mess.

  14. One and one freaking third of an inning. Now THAT’s quality starting pitching.

  15. Gil (28): OK … I’ll buy that. This, of course, goes back to last winter. Everybody knew there were questions about the rotation. There are still questions, and Pelfrey is one of them again. He’s out after 1 1/3 innings. Positively Ollie like.-JD

  16. And who comes in to replace Pelfrey? A lefty to face another lefty. Too bad lefties are hitting .362 and climbing this year against our lefty. :) I’m laughing here to keep from crying.

  17. Gil (29): Pelfrey has a lot of work to do before his next start. There are a lot of issues with him now. 51 baserunners in the last 14 innings. Just awful.-JD

  18. 33 They certainly did.
    28 The way Omar recognizes his team’s off-season needs, by signing a high-proced outfielder when starting pitching is a glaring need, I’m glad he wasn’t advising me when my car battery needed a jump a couple of weeks ago. He wouldn’t have called AAA to get the car started — he’d have bought a set of gold-plated tire rims.

  19. Y’know, guys, if Phil Cuzzi hadn’t been hitting the crack pipe yesterday before umpiring home plate, we’d be oh-for-the-road trip right now.

  20. night guys. maybe the metswill pull a win out of cuzzi’s crack…..pipe. 😉
    lets go mets.. still plenty of innings.

  21. They had a chance to get back in the game on the Beltran at-bat, but left two in scoring position. When you’re not playing well you can’t afford to miss those opportunities.-JD

  22. For the love of God…11-1? I took a half-hour nap and now wake up to this? JD, I’m gonna go to the gym now. I may or may not be back tomorrow night for more punishment.

  23. A QUICK WRAP/Game #93

    FINAL: Diamondbacks 13, Mets 2.
    RECORD: 49-44.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Mike Pelfrey’s struggles continued and this time he didn’t make it out of the second.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey gave up six runs on seven hits and two walks in 1 1/3 innings. … Raul Valdes pitched 2 2/3 scoreless innings in relief.
    AT THE PLATE: Angel Pagan and Jose Reyes drove in runs.
    IN THE FIELD: Reyes and Carlos Beltran were in the field together for the first time in over a year. … Luis Castillo returned to second base.
    LOOKING AHEAD: R.A. Dickey tomorrow night.-JD

  24. On the bright side, this brings us closer to the demise of the Wilpon regime. gonna be lots of empty seats on the next homestand. I will be at the game tomorrow. boy am i glad i didnt go today.

  25. Hi John –
    Last night we had nothing but thunder and lightning and rain during the whole evening and the power was off and on.

    So, no computer.

    However any game where the starting pitcher is gone by the second inning is indicative of big trouble for the whole team.

    The final score Arizona 13, Met 2 says it all. I don’t even want to know who caused the mess, it’s clear that the Mets are playing poorly.

    I see nothing but more of the same for this team if it remains under the Jerry Manuel management policies.

    His decision on Sunday to remove Santana before the last inning and replace him with KRod was self serving and unnecessary, causing lots of trouble for the team. Believe me, Santana is capable of pitching a complete game and winning when permitted to do so.

    This team is now in year 4 of promises unkept. How long will management continue to support this?

  26. (54) Annie: You are right about Santana finishing the game the other day. I was cursing out the TV when I saw him getting the handshakes after the bottom of the 8th. That’s when I got the shakes knowing that K-Rod was coming in with a good chance to blow the save. However…this is indicative of major league baseball today. Unless you are Roy Halladay, you’re not finising a game. Managers, GM’s feel you’re paying a closer X number of dollars to close, that is what they should do no matter what. Look across to the Bronx. You know how many games CC Sabathia has finished? ZERO. Look at his June 20th start against the Mets… 8 IP, ZERO RUNS, 4-0 lead, only 100 pitches. It wasn’t even a save situation and Girardi brought Rivera in. It’s not just a Jerry situation, it’s a league wide situation.

  27. relievers are supposed to relieve struggling pitchers. or a pitcher you pinch hit for because you needed a crucial run.
    Not because of anything else. thats the way it used to be ..