Mets Chat Room; Santana hopes to stop slide.

Game #92 at Giants.

At 61-19, Johan Santana has been money in the bank in his career during the second half.  The Mets will need to cash a Santana check today against the Giants to avoid being swept and perhaps falling into a free fall.

Santana gave up five hits in seven innings in beating Atlanta last Sunday to prevent a sweep in that series.

Overall, the Mets have lost six of their last seven and eight of their last ten games.

“I feel much better,’’ Santana said. “Hopefully, this second half will be a strong one.’’

A little run support would be nice. Santana (7-5, 2.98 ERA) has been given all of six runs over his last five games.

The Mets were held scoreless in the first 24 innings of the series before Ike Davis hit the first of two homers yesterday.

The Mets will be without Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes today, but are expected to have both available for tomorrow’s game at Arizona.

Jerry Manuel said today the Mets will get Luis Castillo back from the disabled list tomorrow, and that Oliver Perez might be brought up later in the week. Manuel said Hisanori Takahashi would make his next start, Thursday in Los Angeles, and Perez would be used as a situational lefty.

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  1. I am starting to see rumors mets are interested in Myers. He would be a big improvement over taki or perez.

  2. I’m glad to see the same old Santana here in this game. If only more players had his enthusiasm….

  3. Ray (5): The Mets could use him, that’s for sure. I remember you bringing that up several days ago. By the way, word is Perez will rejoin the team in Arizona. Manuel said he’d be a situational lefty.-JD

  4. brings to mind that old david bowie song – putting out fire WITH GASOLINE !!!

  5. John – was that white haired man in the red shirt really Keith’s brother Gary? I know they grew up in the Bay area.

  6. Mets should not sign any more japanese players – they are oh for twenty or so until now.

  7. SIXTH INNING: Francoeur has been in such a funk lately that there really is no decision. He doesn’t deserve to play ahead of Pagan.-JD

  8. Giants announcers said Oswalt removed after only 60 something pitches with no apparent injury. Looks like he is going somewhere today.

  9. 15. Ok, I guess we wont be seeing him. does it affect myers being moved?

  10. Wrights knee is banged up. just what we needed. I guess Cora would take his place if he cant play – yikes!!

  11. This afternoon I was able to watch Johan Santana pitch for eight innings.

    This man is remarkable – not only with his athletic skills, but his baseball knowledge. He is also able to think and act quickly whether on the mound,in the batters box or running the bases. He watches everything and everyone.

    What a talent.

    It’s too bad that he often gets very little run support. He takes pride in his work, and he works hard – he obviously loves his job.

    It was a pleasure to watch him today.

  12. 24. how many of those blown saves were santana starts. quite a few. what a bum.

  13. I tune into the game

    Santana goes 8, and krod blows it

    Is there a closer we can get?

    I can’t stand this guy.

    He sucks

  14. We don’t need another closer, Jerry needs to keep Santana in the game until it is over – it’s Santana’s game.

  15. John(34)

    Not that it matters but I have Johan on my fantasy team

    The pen has killed a few wins for me

  16. 32. delcos, one of those catchers is 5 for 6 pinch hitting too. Jerry is also on dope but we all knew that.

  17. (34)

    I read your comments earlier, I am surprised it is only 5. It seems like more

  18. At this point I would put pedro, designs or Parnell as the closer.
    Perhaps all 3. Krod has not earned any consideration on this team. How did this guy get 60 saves a few years ago?

    Were they all of the 4 run lead variety?

  19. John(46)

    Wasn’t that just the year before we got him? Did he stop taking the magic juice?

  20. I hope he doesn’t get the win

    What a joke, this is one of the blown saves that isn’t.

  21. Can we trade this guy in the offseason? There is no reason to keep him next year. If we get to the postseaon he will just lose games for us.

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was juiced to get his contract. Very telling that his team did not try to keep him.

  23. I have his number. He has no control. He has some nice pitches, but he can’t control them. As John says he has no fastball. Patient jitters can wait for him to come to them.

    He is terrible.

  24. John(54)

    Yes. We would have to eat money. But if you want to win, he can’t be your closer.

  25. Howie has put this game “In The Books”. I don’t know how much more I can take of the Jerry Manuel mismanagement of Santana. He can, and should, pitch a complete game everytime.

    Tomorrow, the Mets move to Arizona for a 9:40PM game with the Diamondbacks.

    See You Then.

  26. K-Rod gets the win, but he should give it back. … Truth is the Mets got a huge break on the blown call at the plate. They should have lost in nine.-JD

  27. Whew, avoided a 4 game sweep on a west coast road trip that could still kill thier season. Hope Wright is OK.

  28. A QUICK WRAP/Game #92

    FINAL: Mets 4, Giants 3 (10).
    RECORD: 49-43.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Johan Santana pitched big when the Mets needed him most. Too bad K-Rod didn’t. But, the Mets were picked up by Ike Davis in extra innings.
    ON THE MOUND: Santana gave up a run on eight hits. He consistently pitched out of trouble. … Rodriguez blew his fifth save, but got the win.
    AT THE PLATE: Davis doubled home Jason Bay in the 10th inning. … Angel Pagan doubled in a run. … David Wright homered.
    IN THE FIELD: Justin Turner started and second and Henry Blanco behind the plate.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Mike Pelfrey goes tomorrow.-JD

  29. Ok so M&M says in the after game that Frankie is their man and they have to show him the love and leave him in.
    What about Santanna? why not let him finish the 9th?
    Why not Pelf when he throws a great game?
    where’s the love in letting them finish what they started.
    yesterday the relievers were used appropriately. Taki was done after 3 innings and they all did their job.. we didnt win but hey..
    Yesterday they werent needed. why use it?
    Nieve and KRod always give up a run or 2.
    He snatched a win from Santana and I loved his interview.. very professional.

    But who M&M decides to treat fair and square is very erratic.

    I could not believe all the blown calls. I think the Mets were given the tag at home plate because of the other really bad calls. I think it was the Umps way if trying to clear the record.

  30. 60. I agree about the win. hate’s a strong word. do you hate the individual or just his pitching? If falling off the mound everytime you throw wins the game fine. But if it loads the bases and makes us lose then stop.
    K-Rod is like the son of Benitez.

  31. steve(66)

    obviously i do not know the man.

    i hate him because he was the premier pitcher that we went and got because he was the man.

    it turns out he is not the man and we are stuck with him because he is the man.

    i do not begrudge him making the money he does.

    i begrudge him because of his role on the team which has hurt the team for 1 1/2 years. he will hurt the team for the same period of time in the future unless we can unload him and eat some of his money.

    so yes. i hate him. i do not hate him personally because he goes out there and tries and whatever. but he doesnt produce and because of his contract we cant get rid of him. he is a specialist who cannot do his job.

    he is not quite armando benitez, but the results are similar altho armando was better in season when there is no real pressure. you knew when he would spit the bit. any big emotionally charged situation. this guy spits it whenever.

  32. yeah i hear ya on that. this isnt the first pitcher we have gotten that becomes not the ACE we bought.
    pedro,glavine all peaked and fell from “grace”
    My question is , why is it when a pitcher that is “ace” status comes here he no longer is??

    I dont doubt K-Rod tries. but consistently he will give up runners in a real save situation. and last night was no different and cost Santana. I think the next time Santana has that kind of lead and pitching well. you leave him in .. you wonder why Pelf and Santana’s numbers go down. when they get taken out .. and win. i know it would mess with my mind. gee no matter how i pitch i will come out after 100. if I suck by the 5th and have 88 pitches and i give up a run i am out.

    you dont treat your number 1,2 and possibly 3 pitcher that way..
    2010 ball is really to predictable at least with the mets it is.. it was never that way.. a met game was always unpredictable..