Plan? What plan?

BELTRAN: Will he sit tonight?

When Carlos Beltran was activated from the DL, Jerry Manuel said his plan was to play him the first two games of the series (he went 1-4 and looked good running) and rest him Saturday.

Manuel is now waffling on that plan.

“We’ll see how he feels,”  Manuel said. “I’ll see if he needs a day. If not, we’ll keep on running him out there. I think he’s got to get those plate appearances and that rhythm and that timing down.”

This is what gets me about Manuel, his indeciveness. Or maybe, it is speaking before he makes a decision.

One thought on “Plan? What plan?

  1. Well of course you would criticize needlessly. Only a fool would not re evaluate. So I guess you and BFF would criticize when none is deserved. Beltran is ok and is only one of the best players around and needs ABs to get back to form so only a second grade mentality would complain about this. Is your BFF writing for you now? By the way where did Tiffany go. Did she give up on trying to have an intellectual debate on this site? Oh i forgot its not allowed. The only thing your allowed to do is blast W/W and complain about starters being taken out of games. Has BFF figured out how to make his ends meet?