Mets trying to deal Perez.

PEREZ: On the block; no takers.

ESPN reported the Mets talked to Kansas City about an Oliver Perez for Gil Meche deal. Meche, it should be noted has been on the DL since May 25 with a shoulder injury.  Kind of tells you all you need to know about the Mets’ regard these days for Perez.

Meche is in the fourth season of a five-year, $55-million deal, and the remaining $18 million owed him is similar to what the Mets must pay Perez.

Meche is no bargain, but the Mets are tired of the headaches caused by Perez. He’s been so aggravating that they are willing to spent nearly $20 million on a guy with a bum shoulder.

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  1. I see that Delcos you have fallen to the level of your BFF. Total incompentance rules. Do you want proof? I know that stats and facts have generally been banned on this site by the hatefullness of your BFF and his constant useless posts to up your counts and make your site looked well used, as it is now always abused, but to straighten out your mis information that only your BFF would support and defend if the Mets would make this hapless trade it wouldn’t cost them anything as they would be dumping the same $$ that they would be taking it on. So if you are going to blast the Mets at least blast them base don honest evals not BFF second grade mentality. Let us know when you return to the professional status of a serious commentator.

  2. They have to activate the next koufax soon, dont they? young mr. upside must have really pissed some people off in the front office. I guess omar cant stand to look anymore at the face of his biggest mistake since the colon trade.