Plenty of blame to go around on Reyes fiasco.

REYES: On the shelf.

Maybe this time they are getting it right.

Better late than never, but the Mets say they are now shutting down Jose Reyes until he’s able to swing pain free from both sides of the plate. The decision came as the outcome of last night’s pre-game circus that first had Reyes in the lineup, and then scratched with the news he’ll be put on the shelf.

The ringmaster of the circus, of course, is Jerry Manuel, who has irresponsibly bungled this from the outset.

“I assumed that he was ready to play,’’ Manuel said. “I put him in the lineup, and then (trainer Ray Ramirez) came to me and said there is still a bit of discomfort, even though he feels much improved and I took him out of the lineup.’’

Assumed? You know what happens when you assume. It is simply hard to believe Manuel would write in Reyes’ name without first seeing how he was feeling. Then again, considering how Manuel has handled this from the beginning, maybe not so much.

Reyes was injured, June 30, while taking batting practice in Puerto Rico. The Mets shut him down for a few days, and then being the Mets, acquiesced to Reyes’ desire of wanting to play and pushed the envelope despite the looming All-Star break.

A case of the inmate running the asylum.

Part of me respects Reyes’ desire to play and help the team; another part questions his irresponsible judgment because he knows how important he is to the Mets. He should have listened to his body and understood from past experience he’s not to be rushed.

Of course, the medical staff gets blame because they cleared Reyes in the first place to bat from the right side. If Reyes felt discomfort, or pain, they should have simply told Manuel he wasn’t ready to play.

Of course, the lion’s share of the responsibility is on Manuel’s shoulders because he writes the lineup card. It ultimately falls on him. He should know his player wasn’t able to play because of his limitations. Still, he let him play instead of recommending the disabled list.

Then there is general manager Omar Minaya, who should have been more forceful instead of allowing the waffling.

Had Reyes been DL’d from the outset, he would have been eligible to be activated last night. Instead, the Mets allowed him to play, and as late as Saturday so if they DL him now the clock starts then.

Reyes decided he wasn’t ready last night only after discussing his injury with Boston’ David Ortiz at the All-Star Game. What does it say that Reyes would be more truthful about his injury with another player than his own medical staff and manager?

After last season, the Mets vowed there would be a different climate surrounding the handling of injuries. Clearly, there is more work to do.

12 thoughts on “Plenty of blame to go around on Reyes fiasco.

  1. I think it was the first game against the Braves where Jose had to dive back into Second Base on a pick off move. He clearly was in pain, clutching his side. On Saturday he clearly was in pain and had D. Wright not said anything, he wouldn’t have been taken out then. This falls completely on Jerry Manuel. The manager is the parent, the player is the child. Whether the child wants to continue to play, it’s up to the parent to tell him no more.

  2. Are you sure hes the ringmaster? I would say hes the clown. A clown who puts his job security in front of his players health and the good of the team in the longrun. As I said yesterday, the mets have ruined the career of one ballplayer already. Ryan Church. Then Manuel had the audacity to bash him to the press later saying “Hes no David Wright” intimating that Church isnt a gamer. Yes, a mean and vindictive clown.

  3. and as long as they compete for 1st place. M&M will both be there next year.
    meanwhile Randolph who was getting his feet wet got the ax much quicker and did far less in comparison.

  4. 3. yeah. i was all for church. he shined with the Mets. it was the first time we got a potential clunker that said hell no i am here to play. and he turned out to far surpass any player on the field.
    then the concussion and the lack of love shown him by management. TERRIBLE

  5. btw, where was the trainer, ramirez when all this was going on? Now the players are never going to trust this organization again and who can blame them. Kudos to Wright who took charge. Now word is Wilpon has no money to improve the team. He needs to sell it !!! All of this starts at the top. Its time to clean house and getting rid of m and m isnt enough.

  6. 6. i said we needed to ckean house last year even if we hated it. rebuild everyone from scratch. however many of the players blossomed. so i am torn. however yeah ownership and M&M need to change

  7. didnt it take about 2 weeks for the mets to start doing something about church after he was beaned?

    it looks like it took 2 weeks for the team to once again take responsible action towards one of their most important players.

    i am proud that jose wants to play. as a fan you want your players to want to play. look at jeff and alex last year.

    it is the teams responsibility to do what is best for the team. not today, but for its medium and long term future as well.

    we all know that this teams medical decisions is deplorable.

    it starts with the manager because he is the head of the team on the field. it ends with the owner, but in this case little stupid jeffy.

  8. Instead of Jeff being the owner it should be “Heff” man we would be the only baseball team with cheer leaders! 😉
    our ball girls would be teh envy of every national league park!