Mets Chat Room; Beltran returns.

Game #89 at Giants

The Mets welcome Carlos Beltran back to the lineup tonight after a lengthy stint and rehab assignment following knee surgery.

Beltran appeared in 14 rehab games for Single-A St. Lucie. He said he’s pain free, but that’s not to say he’s rust free.

“I think I swung the bat well, but at the big league level it’s a different story,’’ Beltran said.  “I do feel like I need to make adjustments. It will take me time. I don’t expect to come here and rake. I just expect to come here and like I say, do my part. Being able to contribute any way I can, and I believe in that.’’

Beltran hit .325 with 10 homers and 48 RBI in 81 games last year.

The odd man out it figures in Beltran’s return will be Jeff Francoeur.

In comparison, Angel Pagan simply has had a better season than Francoeur. In 298 at-bats, Pagan is hitting .315 with a .372 on-base percentage, six homers and 40 RBI. In five less at-bats, Francoeur is batting .253 with a .302 on-base percentage, eight homers and 42 RBI.

“You’re not going to see me sulking. I’ll be ready to play,’’ Francoeur said.

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  1. Do any baseball teams just have their third base coach yell what the manager wants instead of having signs? Casey Stengel’s 1940s Boston Braves teams did. He figured other teams would just steal the signs so why bother..make sure his own players knew what he wanted. Of course there was the Boston sportswriter who said the taxi cab driver who broke Stengel’s leg when he crossed the street without looking would make a better manager.

  2. Tough situation for Parnell. He seems first in line to get the eighth inning job. Big test for him with the bases loaded and one out.-JD

  3. Let’s see if the Mets plan of getting Linecum to tire himself by running the bases works in the ninth.

  4. A QUICK WRAP/Game #89

    FINAL: Giants 2, Mets 0.
    RECORD: 48-41.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: RA Dickey came up empty in his third straight start despite pitching well enough to win.
    ON THE MOUND: Dickey gave up a run on five hits in seven innings and lowered his ERA to 2.63.
    AT THE PLATE: Carlos Beltran singled in four trips in his season debut.
    IN THE FIELD: Jose Reyes was scratched and replaced by Ruben Tejada.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Jon Niese goes tomorrow.-JD

  5. Maybe the Mets hitters will wake up tomorrow….Dickey pitched well enough to win most nights.

  6. *sigh*
    well it looks like dickey pitched well. just no bat huh.
    Lets see if they wake up tonight.