Reyes a question as second half opens.

REYES: Needs to come back only when he's ready.

The second half begins with Jose Reyes’ strained oblique a pertinent question, and all because the Mets foolishly tried to rush him back into the lineup.

After treating his thyroid issue with kid gloves, Jerry Manuel did the opposite with Reyes, letting him bat right-handed against righty pitching.

Reyes still can’t bat left-handed with confidence and the Mets should dismiss any thoughts of him playing tomorrow night at San Francisco.

In retrospect, Reyes should have been placed on the disabled list retroactive to June 30 when he was initially injured taking batting practice in Puerto Rico before the Marlins’ game.

Had they done so, he’s be ready to come back off the disabled list in time for the Giants’ series. Now, should Reyes go on the DL the clock would start on Sunday.

The Mets promised at the start of the season they would treat injuries conservatively and for the most part have done so. It’s just ridiculous they’ve played around with one of their most important players.

How come nobody other than David Wright could see that?

6 thoughts on “Reyes a question as second half opens.

  1. They were in 1st place and battle for first place purely by the players will to win.
    The medical staff and M&M have no clue. There’s a difference between playing with a hang nail and a possible torn muscle etc.
    I have had a rotator cuff issue for decades. It re-tears every year practically and sometimes at the worse possible time. Trust me its not fun, Dave can attest but you carry through. But unlike a pro ball I can then take a month off.
    Keith mentioned that he didnt work his core the way the players do today and he blames that workout on the injuries we see. It seems reyes isn’t the only one getting these oblique /core injuries.
    Because we arent ball players we can only take what we hear and know from other pro ball players. or perhaps from our own workout methodologies. In the end its the medical staff and M&M that dictate ho really should play. Whether we want them out or not..
    Instead of Los Mets (which I hate seeing as they are The Mets) maybe they should be called DL Mets .. :-\
    ok lets win this one despite it all
    Lets Go Mets Go..

  2. Its obvious that management still hasnt learned thier lesson. I really think they ruined Ryan Churchs career. For 2 months he was the best player on the team and then they let him play with a concussion. The worst thing about Reyes is that Wright had to call the trainer out. What was manuel thinking about? Its a shame and it will cost not only losing reyes for a much longer time, but other players will try to avoid this team like the plague.

  3. Regarding Stienbrenner, I would rather have a mean owner than an incompetent one who hires incompetent people to run his team.