Mets Chat Room; It’s Ace Time.

Game #88 vs. Braves.

This is what aces do, they lift a struggling team on top of their shoulders and carry them when times are dark and heavy.

The Mets conclude a surprising first half with a disappointing close this afternoon against the Atlanta Braves. The weekend began with the Mets three-games out of first. They now stand five games out fighting to keep from falling six back by the break.

After a rough stretch Santana back to pitching the shutdown way aces are supposed to and the way the Mets have always expected, with tenacity, guile and grit. Santana, a victim of poor run support for much of the first half, could have perhaps a dozen wins with any kind of offensive and bullpen help.

With the Mets’ sputtering this week, and scoring only two runs in this series, Santana can pretty much expect to do most of the heavy lifting today – as he usually does.

4 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; It’s Ace Time.

  1. Hope Johan pitches well and the Mets win.

    Regardless of a win or loss today, the Team has surprised me both with their record and the way they have played to this point.

    The difference I think are the subs. Dickey, Taki, Ike and Ruben have made a world of difference.

    As has been discussed on this board, the team needs pitching.

    It is a beautiful day today, hopefully we have a beautiful win.

  2. So Jose got hurt yesterday. What a surprise. Has the team explained why he was out there before the break? They could have kept him on the shelf till after the break. Why didn’t they?