Tonight’s lineup vs. Braves; Reyes shuffled.

REYES: Not 100 percent.

That Jose Reyes is batting right-handed against a right-handed pitcher, hitting second in the order and saw a doctor today suggests he’s not right.

Of course, they’ll push the envelope with the Braves in town, but had they rested him for the Cincinnati series perhaps there would be these issues.

I think the Mets might have forced it with Reyes. Not smart.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Angel Pagan, CF

Jose Reyes, SS

David Wright, 3B

Ike Davis, 1B

Jason Bay, LF

Josh Thole, C

Jeff Francoeur, RF

Ruben Tejada, 2B

RA Dickey, RP

NOTES:  With Cliff Lee seemingly headed elsewhere – a lot of heavy speculation today has him headed to the Yankees – and Roy Oswalt perhaps out of their price range, the Mets have turned their attention to the Cubs’ Ted Lilly. … Nick Evans was recalled from Double-A Binghamton and RP Ryota Igarashi was optioned to Single-A St. Lucie.

5 thoughts on “Tonight’s lineup vs. Braves; Reyes shuffled.

  1. you have to love the Mets medical Staff. Jedi master Omar letting us know all is well with our players..
    either they get too much rest or not enough..
    i just dont get it..

  2. SteveC (1): I don’t, either. If the guy can’t bat lefty, he’s not ready. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.-JD

  3. Hey Delcos: You should really change the name of this site to Delcos and C site for peoplke without brains. Intellignt thought and debate not welcomed. Kiss C. behind or else youy will be not a friend of this site. Bye.. Enjoy your lame discussions.

  4. Lets go mets go.

    JD gonnas call it an early evening.. appears people have issue with me. i will not be the ruin of your blog.

  5. is igarashi that bad that they banish him to high a ball?

    it is good that evans is getting another shot. i wish they had pitching to bring up tho.