Mets Chat Room; No Lee edition.

Game #86 vs. Braves

Well, as it turns out the Mets won’t get Cliff Lee afterall. He’s heading for Texas. It could have been worse, he could have landed with the Yankees or back with the Phillies. The Rangers’ offer is enough for a rental, then the Mets will have a chance on the free-agent market.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up about that, either. That’s when the Yankees will simply write the biggest check.

Even so, the Mets will need another pitcher if they are to catch the Braves, who are in for three to close the first half of the season. The Mets are three games behind, and to get a good feeling about themselves heading into the break they need to win two of three. That keeps them close heading into the second half, which they start off with a killer trip to the West Coast the face the Giants’ pitching, the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers, who’ll remember how they were dusted by the Mets at Citi Field earlier. If that’s not enough, they’ll come home to face the Cardinals.

Big series in July? You bet.

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  1. Hi John – How are you? Looks like it’s cooled down a bit for the game. I heard about Cliff Lee earlier, MMO had the news.

  2. Thank God Lee didn’t go to the Yankees — oh, that’s right! The Yankees will just wait ’til the off-season to sign him.

  3. Hi Gil – Lee’s been big news all day, but finally his issues got resolved, didn’t they?

  4. Well, Annie, here’s hoping this off-season Lee WON’T get his own prime-time special on ESPN to announce which team he’s going to sign with, unlike the most egomaniacal, narcissistic athlete in history did last night.

  5. That was disgusting wasn’t it. I didn’t watch much of it – not a big fan of his.

  6. I have nothing against Lebron personally and don’t begrudge him going to the highest bidder, but ESPN’s fawning over an athlete it is supposedly covering as a newsmaker breaches all kinds of journalistic ethics. And that gadfly Jim Gray was involved, too. Lebron isn’t even the best player in the sport and the whole manufactured, made-for-TV event was accorded a ridiculous amount of importance. This wasn’t the President asking Congress to declare war. It was a man changing pro basketball teams, for God’s sake!

  7. As somebody who grew up in Cleveland, I was disgusted by it all. James torched his legacy last night. Just scorched it beyond recognition. I think he pissed off a lot of NBA players, too. I wonder if they have the stones to admit.-JD

  8. Gil …. Let me put it this way. I am a Celtics fan, so by definition I can’t root for the Lakers. But, when they play the Heat I might have to make an exception.-JD

  9. Gil – I live about 10 minutes from the ESPN complex and lots of people who work there live around here, including Chris Berman. Yet, ESPN blocks us out for almost all their baseball games and of course you’ve read about what goes on in their offices. Not a nice place at all.
    I’m sure it was greedy ESPN who encouraged Lebron.

  10. OK, JD, did he torch his legacy by leaving via free agency — or the way he left via free agency? That’s important. He has every right to leave. I just was disgusted by the grandiloquent way he chose to. “Enhancing his brand?” What the hell does THAT mean?!

  11. 8 LOL! EXACTLY! Anyone who thinks it coincidental that Jim Gray just “happens” to be at these kinds of events is nuts.

    11 Yes, Annie, you’re right. ESPN’s boxing out of all other media outlets guaranteed high ratings, higher advertising dollars and the appearance of being on top of the story. In reality, it was a greedy collusion between a TV network, a player and a player agent. Checkbook journalism at its best.

  12. Gil (11): A little bit of both, but mostly with the dog and pony show. How he left is disturbing. Part of his “brand” was the local kid who made good. The Cavs had the NBA’s best record the past two seasons and played in the NBA finals before that. They had the team. He spit on his former teammates as much as he did the City of Cleveland and NE Ohio for that matter. I think his “brand” has been devalued.-JD

  13. BOTTOM FIRST INNING: They are talking about Reyes not playing. I think he should be on the bench. Something is not right and he’s just going to hurt himself. This is mismanaging an injury, something the Mets have been accused of.-JD

  14. 14 JD, I can’t agree with you on Lebron spitting on anyone. He wasn’t obligated to play his whole career in Cleveland. That negates the whole concept of free agency and free enterprise. He may be a jerk, but people have the right to sell their services to whatever bidde they choose.

  15. John – You’ve mentioned this before, and when he misplayed that ball, I realized that something is wrong with him. I thought his back was the problem, but maybe not.

  16. Also, it just goes to show what a joke the NBA union is. Do you think for a moment the MLBPA would let players take less money on the FA market? No way.-JD

  17. Annie (18): It is his right oblique, his right side. He can’t bat lefthanded, and he hasn’t proven this week he can hit righties from the right side. The Mets are pushing the envelope. They are setting themselves up for something not good.-JD

  18. Jose’s not exactly helping the cause tonight, is he? An error in the field and failure to get a runner over to third.

  19. Gil (17): It is his right to leave, I agree with you. I thought the manner in which he did was crass and hurt people. If I were a Cavalier teammate I would have been upset. But, what can you do?-JD

  20. 19 But the MLBPA is like the mafia that way, not “allowing” players to play where they’d like because one contract may have a lesser dollar value than another offer. How is that any better than very high-priced forced servitude?

  21. Gil (24): Probably not. Remember how they blocked the trade of A-Rod to the Red Sox because he would be giving money back? Can you imagine had A-Rod been in Boston these past five years? The MLBPA is very strong. Hardly virtuous. Look how it had its head in the sand during the steroid era.-JD

  22. 25 And the MLBPA sure looked the other way during the cocaine/greenies era of the 1980s.

  23. Gil – The MLBPA is very strong – they allowed steroids in the clubhouse, when they knew better, and even now they refuse to have blood testing.

  24. John/Gil – I do think that some of this will finally catch up to users and former users like Clemens and Arod who are trying to avoid another Congressional hearing. the Feds are relentless in these cases.

  25. 30 I dunno, Annie. A-Rod is still marching on to 600 HRs last I checked and I don’t see the Feds harassing him. Clemens is a bat-shard throwing Neanderthal who I hope never gets in the Hall.

  26. Gil (31): As a Hall of Fame voter, I can see Clemens’ road to the Hall very tough. As far as A-Rod, there are some voters who’ll shun him the way the do McGwire.-JD

  27. Gil (31) He has refused several meetings with the Feds, but they will persist.

  28. Speaking of Neanderthals, heard the latest on Mel Gibson? On, there’s a tape-recording of a phone conversation he has with his Russian-born wife. He curses her up and down for wearing “provocative” clothing and at one point he says “if you want to raped by a pack of [N-words], see if I care.” Great. Gibson’s already virulently anti-Jewish, now he’s a sexist and anti-black, too.

  29. BOTTOM THIRD: Two on, no out and you have Reyes sacrifice. That should tell you something isn’t right. …. Wright sacrifice fly ties the game.-JD

  30. I’m beginning to agree with you that Reyes shouldn’t even be playing.
    David is hot these days –

  31. Annie (39): I don’t think there’s any question Wright is the first half MVP. Pagan might be the surprise, but Wright is the MVP.-JD

  32. John – Ike is only 23 and has played almost every game since he arrived here. I agree with you – he needs some time off.

  33. FOURTH INNING: I know you’d like to have the pitcher leading off the fifth, but I have no problem with the walk to get to Hanson.-JD

  34. john 38

    do the mets know how to take care of their players?

    why is beltran out? oh yes. he came back at the end of last season to help the team at a crucial time when they were battling to get into the post season and win the world series. johan last year pitched till he couldnt, jose came back early because his hammy was healthy.

    that was only last year.

  35. John (42) He’s very mature for 23 – must be some good parenting going on at home – somewhere I also heard good things about his Dad and his work habits (for Goose Gosage)

  36. dave (47): They do have a block when it comes to that. They didn’t learn from Jose last year. It would serve them right if Reyes came up lame. I don’t want to see it, but they are taking a risk. I wouldn’t let him play in the All-Star Game, either.-JD

  37. John (49) Lets say you are in charge of Jose. Would you let him go to the All-Star Game just to attend? Is that allowed, if he was already chosen and then this injury kicked in?

  38. FOURTH INNING: They are talking about Oswalt. I don’t think they’ll get him, either. The cost is too high. Actually, the Mets are playing pretty good and have some young talent. It would be nice if they didn’t sacrifice a lot of that talent.-JD

  39. Annie (50): If he wants to go to be introduced as an injured player, fine. But, they should convince him not to attend. They aren’t handling this well.-JD

  40. John (51) I think this team is doing well with the current players. I’m not sure any changes should be made right now.

  41. Annie (53): I think they’ll contend, but I do believe they need another arm to get them over the top. I just wouldn’t give up the farm to get one.-JD

  42. 53 Annie: The Mets are playing well, but aren’t strong enough. The starting pitching is still suspect. Will Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi keep up their success all year? Will Mike Pelfrey? What about Johan Santana’s diminished velocity? What do you do with non-contributors like John Maine and Oliver Perez when they’re cleared to pitch? The Mets will need to add a quality starting pitcher if they’re serious about contending this year. I’m still wondering if the Mets can somehow pry Shawn Marcum away from the Blue Jays…

  43. John (52) OK – one thing I know about Jose is that he has a lot of pride in what he does, and I’m sure he’s proud to be chosen to play in the All Star Game. I can see the problem now – and I’m not sure how to handle this situation either.

  44. Gil (56): I agree with you 100 percent. Getting another starter and moving Takahashi to the bullpen helps two areas. … I think they need another. I still think they’ll see what they have in Perez before pulling the trigger on a deal. I had that as a post yesterday.-JD

  45. John (55) I’m saying that they should wait until after the break to re-evaluate the team.

  46. 58 Maybe with Perez, the Mets can see about swapping one bad contract for another.

    60 Annie, the break will be here Sunday. What’s left to evaluate? The Mets know what they have, know their strengths and weaknesses. The real action will happen between now and the July 31 trading deadline.

  47. John (59) You are saying that he needs to be out of the game now, before he does more damage to himself. That’s Jerry’s job, isn’t it?

    Interesting == Beltran doesn’t make a move until he feels he is 100% – Jose wants to play as long as he can stand up and breathe.

  48. Gil (61): They are constantly evaluating things. They know what they have and what they don’t. With Perez, they have a good idea and it’s probably not good. But, with the way the Mets do things, you know they’ll give him a start before trading for somebody else. The $20 million left on his contract is going to pitch somewhere.-JD

  49. Annie (62): It is his job, in part. Omar has some say in this, too. I admire Reyes’ desire and willingness to play. I just question his judgment. Also, questioning Manuel’s and Minaya’s in this situation.-JD

  50. John (64) Well, somehow Jose is out there playing with a questionable injury.

  51. John (71) Melky’s home run is not what I was looking for in this game. Neither is Omar’s.

  52. Annie (72): Things unraveled pretty quickly for Dickey. Still, four runs isn’t bad. Some offense would’ve been nice tonight.-JD

  53. John (73) I think eveyone is a bit worn out by this weather. The day off yesterday might have helped a bit, but the real ‘vacation’ is next week for these guys. Or, maybe they are saving the offense for Santana on getaway day.

  54. John (76) I know – poor Johan has had a rough time with his team. However, the Tuesday Game was terrific.

  55. Howie has put this interesting game “In The Book”. It seesawed for the whole night and there were a couple of tied scores along the way.

    Both teams seemed to be showing some fatigue at the end of the first half of the season. Most will be going home to rest/relax etc. but others will be at the All Star Game next week.

    David Wright and Jose Reyes will represent the Mets at the All Star Game next week. Both are very excited about going.
    Tomorrow’s game is at 4PM, and Sunday’s is at 1PM.

    See you then.

  56. A QUICK WRAP/Game #86

    FINAL: Braves 4, Mets 2.
    RECORD: 47-39.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: RA Dickey’s run at home hit a wall with back-to-back homers from Melky Cabrera and Omar Infante in the seventh.
    ON THE MOUND: Dickey pitched well enough to win most games, giving up four runs on nine hits in 6 2/3 innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Not much against Tommy Hanson. Dickey scored two runs. … Jason Bay continued to struggle (two strikeouts) and heard it from the fans.
    IN THE FIELD: Jose Reyes’ error led to a run in the first.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Mike Pelfrey tomorrow and Johan Santana Sunday.-JD