Mets’ pitching options: Perez first.

PEREZ: In a happier time.

If you’ve been following the Mets it’s not hard to read the tealeaves as far as which direction they’ll go in adding a starter to their rotation.

I know a lot of you aren’t going to like this, but my guess is their first option will be Oliver Perez.

Perez’s rehab so far has gone well, and with around $20 million still remaining on his contract, I see them spending that money first because finances are a big issue with the team. They aren’t going to eat the contract and Perez’s contract, injury history and erratic performance make him impossible to deal.  Therefore, his real value to the Mets isn’t as a trade commodity but in the hope he’ll find it.

From what I’ve heard, the asking price in terms of prospects is high for Cliff Lee, and regardless of their supposed interest in him over Roy Oswalt, I believe the Mets find it distasteful to offer all that for a rental, and that’s what it will be because they won’t pay what he’ll be asking.

The Astros are asking a lot for Oswalt – some reports have them asking for as many as three highly rated prospects – and aren’t willing to pick up any salary.

I believe the Mets are more likely to acquire a pitcher from the next tier down, say Dan Haren, who I think will be a good, albeit expensive, option. Even so, there’s still the issue of what to do with Perez.

Since it’s unlikely they’ll stick him in the bullpen, my thinking is the Mets will activate him after the All-Star break and give him at least two starts before making a deal.

The Mets went into the last off-season knowing they had pitching problems, but opted to stay intact.

They now have a second chance, and I think they’ll make the same decision.

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  1. 1.steve, thats a good one. dating yourself though. I am afraid that delcos is correct. the mets have ollie and maine who they put a lot of trust in sitting on the shelf. Ollie is making too much money to sit there long. this is a real albatross that minaya has inflicted on this team. at least a lilly or myers who the mets could get cheap are reliable pitchers.

  2. 2.) yeah just a bit i know.

    I think the issue with the cheap reliable pitchers. it would probaly cost us one key player. and thats a high price. consider how fragile this team can be. lose a gear and it falls apart.

  3. john is of course right.

    but that does not mean the team will do right by the team.

    how often does a team get to go to the playoffs?

    financially the mets would be better off if they were ‘relevant’ in September which is what the shadow gm wants.

    that means they need to make a deal for a pitcher now so that they guarantee that playoff money.

  4. Oliver Perez isn’t an option. Both he and John Maine are proverbial albatrosses around the Mets’ necks.
    Both have lousy attitudes and have become clubhouse cancers — Maine with his sense of entitlement and perpetual state of denial about how bad his poitching has become and Ollie for his refusal to work out his issues at AAA.
    Is it any wonder the Mets have played their best baseball since 2008 with both Maine and Perez away from the team?

  5. Not sure about Maine. The whole lying issue came on the heels of the mis-speak that Warthen and manuel made.. i am unsure how much is true.

    They use the DL and mystery injuries as a way of moving people out of the way to get “right”

    Ollie never listened thats a proven fact. maine was a different story. he rose then fell. but after changing of the guard and other nonsense. his ego got shattered.. like Pelf. Pelf got the benefit of outside help,. maine wasnt given that opportunity.

    With that said and done.. with what we know both could go and no one here would miss them that much. though in my heart I know maine is salvageable

  6. i think both these guys are done.

    maine had a mini run a few years ago. since then he has been hurt.

    i dont think he will ever be what we hoped he might be.

    ollie is ollie. so far this year he has no gittyup on his fastball. earlier this year john was saying he had no movement.

    his attitude sucks. always had. i am not saying he doesnt try. i think he does. he used to come up big in big games. but he has never been consistent. that is because he knows better. unfortunately the results dont prove that out.

    we have pitching issues.

    we have


    will dickey be able to continue his pitching? taki has proven he just doesnt have the stuff. he knows how to pitch, but he lacks the control necessary to fool the hitters without a fastball.

    this is why we need a pitcher. with ike and ruben we have youth who seem to be able to hold their own. our offense, barring injuries and the return of jose is good enough. we need good pitching to stay away from the pen which right now is a disaster in no small measure because our closer is not very good.

    how can we bring in maine or ollie to give us 3-5 innings so we burn the pen? this would push taki to long relief, but as we have seen this still nukes the pen.

    the question for the multiple gm’s on this team is do we try and win now or do we try and fool the dwindling fan base into believing we are trying to win regardless of the fact that we have a bloated payroll that just shows how inept the front office is.

  7. Sorry for posting this here, but I can’t find any other place to ask you a question.

    It’s unprofessional and embarrassing for a “journalist” to have such a poor grammatical error in your tagline.

    I’ve just come upon your blog, and it looks like it’s been there for YEARS.

    Featuring Mets’ Commentary

    Why are you indicating possessiveness? Does the commentary belong to the Mets? Did the Mets write and copyright it?

    It should be Mets Commentary. No apostrophe.

    If you want an apostrophe it could either be Declos’ or Delcos’s (this is Warriner’s officially correct way) Mets Commentary, but certainly not Mets’ Commentary. That is point blank incorrect.

  8. 9. Um as a matter of fact. Mets’ commentaries are posted on this blog. That is the meaning. As a long time blogger on JD’s site. his statement is not grammatically correct.

    The minute JD posts a remark/comment by the Mets organization. that becomes a Mets’ commentary.

    Are you from another blog looking to discredit a valid journalist? uncool my friend.

  9. 10. addendum:
    . As a long time blogger on JD’s site. his statement is not grammatically correct.

    His IS grammatically correct..

    your analysis of his blog title is incorrect.

    Sorry about the mis type in 10./

  10. Go back to school, Steve. Try the 3rd grade.

    I just asked an English professor. His title is INCORRECT.

    Just because YOU THINK it’s right doesn’t MAKE IT right.

    Your logic is flawed. Again, try the 3rd grade.

  11. 12. gotcha tiffany. had a feeling it was you.
    once again. trying to bring the blog down to a base level.

  12. Again, just because you THINK I’m Tiffany (which I am not), doesn’t mean I am.

    Add delusional to the list that already includes uneducated.

  13. ….And the commentary referred to in the title is clearly that of John, not the Mets.

    Next thing for you to do: Look up the word commentary.

    Posting a REMARK by the Mets doesn’t make that commentary by the remark giver. It’s still a remark.

    ? ?/?k?m?n?t?ri/ Show Spelled[kom-uhn-ter-ee] Show IPA
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    Usually, commentaries. records of facts or events: Commentaries written by Roman lawyers give us information on how their courts functioned.

  14. Steve,

    One more thing, since the word “Mets” precedes commentary as well as the other 2 items, do the Mets own the analysis and news as well?

    To visualize it, let’s say this blog was about Michael Jackson. Would it be Featuring Michael Jackson Commentary, Analysis, and News or Featuring Michael Jackson’s Commentary, Analysis, and News.

    The third grade must have been tough for you.

    Also, there should be a comma before news:

    Featuring Mets commentary, analysis (INSERT COMMA HERE) and news

  15. It is amazing how personal you make you attacks. sad also. I guess thats something you didnt lern in the 3rd grade. how to play nice with others.

    So how many names do you blog under? 2? 6?
    here’s another name i need to ignore because I will not bring JD’s site to this level.

    Have a good rant dear…

  16. If you look back to my FIRST post it was very respectful. But since someone criticized your “god” you had to try to incorrectly defend his grammar and suggest I’m from a rival blog? That’s too funny.

    It’s called constructive criticism.

    The grammar on the tagline has TWO bad grammatical mistakes. Period. End of story.

  17. 20. gary it did not seem respectful. No one has ever had issue with the blog’s title, not even other journalists.
    it appeared to me that this was a simple attack. I did not call him a god. but it appears you are on the defensive.
    The fact I answered you and i too was not disrespectful, just questioned where this all came from and made my statement as to why it was correct. This some how warranted an attack on my character and education level. As discussed this is not the forum for personal attacks nor flames. You made your point i made mine.

  18. and made my statement as to why it was correct.


    It’s NOT correct. See the above posts.

  19. So sorry to interrupt (did i spell that right?) but the skanks are on the verge of signing cliff lee. A pox on that organization !!

  20. 23. they did the same with mussina. and really how good did he do for them in the end.
    Mets offered more and he went to stankees for ring. good riddance.

  21. oh and dont wish evil on the team unless they play the mets. its bad karma. who cares who they get. i only care who we get or who we lose.

    thats just me though..

  22. At “the end” in his last season he went 20-9 with a 3.37 ERA.

    That’s how “bad” he did in the end.

    The season before that, granted, was rocky, but everything else was really good.

  23. Ray

    Just read that. oh well.

    as for this thread — did William Safire return? Really. Who cares? This is soo technical and IMO irrelevant. How are the terms being used?

    In the end this is a Mets blog not a linguistics blog.

  24. 26. what part of me saying i dont monitor other teams dont you get?
    I only watch the mets. i only care about the mets. Please stop making things personal this is NOT THE PLACE FOR IT. Either hang out and be civil or be ignored.
    thank you

  25. 28. i think it was all flame bait. from now on anyone that cant have a decent discussion without being personal will just get ignored by me. i suggest we all just do that.. the person can talk to themselves. because this has gotten very old and it does seem as if people are magically coming here and starting up with an agenda. I have yet to go to a blog and go wow that name is grammatically incorrect.
    half the sports channel names are grammatically incorrect. 😉

  26. Again, you pull the whiny card.

    they did the same with mussina. and really how good did he do for them in the end.

    I WROTE:
    His final year was a Cy-Young like year. 6 out of his 8 years with the Yanks were GOOD/GREAT.

    You have been proven wrong again, so you continue to try to deflect that.

  27. If you “don’t follow other teams,” then don’t make comments like “in the end he was bad,” that are incorrect.

  28. 31. How many world series rings does he have from yankees? curious is all.

  29. 32. when did i say he was bad? i was talking to ray about bad karma wishing evil on the stankees.

    My issue was he joined the yankees to gain world series rings.. like he would have one on each finger thats why he didnt join the mets.

    last strike. keep it personal and all future discussions are at an end.

  30. So you’re comparing a possible Lee move to the Mussina move?

    I don’t even know where to begin here.

    #1 Mussina signed as a Free Agent. Lee will be TRADED.

    #2 For every player who came to the Yanks to get a ring and didn’t, there are 5 who came to the Yanks to get a ring and did.

  31. 35. completely understood.

    But that was the main reason why he didnt take an excellent offer from the mets. the met team that year was not rosie and he wanted that ring.

    That’s always been my point with Mussina. So when we lose a pitcher to another team, either the GM didnt jump on it well and that’s the mets’ fault.

    Or the player didnt want to play for a team that had no chance for a post season and thats a player i am glad we dont have..

    In this case the cost of Lee was to great. we would lose a valuable player if I am not mistaken.

  32. …and in return get a much better one who puts the team in a better position to make the playoffs.

  33. The consensus on this blog is .. Though me need the pitching losing certain players is not an option. We have too many on DL and just barely getting off.

    Mets have the money so if it was straight cash then that would be fine.. I just dont think we can afford to lose a position player for just one pitcher.

    who knows,

  34. In response to Dave’s #28….

    It’s not a linguistics blog, but it is about credibility.

    Why would someone surfing along put stock into a blog that has TWO terrible grammatical mistakes in its tagline?

    NO professional sites out there have those kinds of mistakes. None.

    It’s simply unprofessional and amateurish.

  35. Steve? Lose a position player? The Mets aren’t trading Reyes, Wright, Beltran, or Davis. The other position players wouldn’t fetch Lee, even if the GM in Seattle was drunk.

    We’re talking about prospects here.

  36. Pagan was a thought.. and he has saved us.
    . do we want to lose him?
    Tejada is learning. could we lose him yeah but should we… whats our alternative..
    I also hate losing farm players but who knows..

    BTW – looks like Yankees are out and its the mariners?

  37. rangers are at him now.

    So the question should be .. is Omar trying? if not why.. if he is who did they want that he wont give up..

  38. 45. *LMAO* no argument, until he breaks out.. his glove is decent but remember he’s young and well better than tatis. and healthier than castillo(sic?).

  39. The ceiling for Tejada is NOT high at all. To even think for more than a second about including him in a deal for Lee is criminal.

    Yeah, he’s healthier than Castillo. But so is Larry King.

  40. 47. *LMAO* yeah but tejada didnt murder anyone yet. 😮
    he’s a kid forced to be Strawberry .. cut him a little slack ..

    though i have to say… when he played SS his natural position.. he shined.. not easy to do when you have reyes.. if this kids bat wakes up.. oh boy …
    give the kid 2 years..

  41. 48. sorry .. my bad. i was thinking Don King.. mea culpa.
    larry King.. is a zombie living off Keith Richards dads ashes..

  42. NO ONE asked Tejada to be Strawberry.

    He’s being groomed nowhere like Darryl was.

    He doesn’t have the body or build!

  43. starwberry was a phenom at tejada’s age as was doc. maybe people looked at tejada in a similar fashion. thats all i meant.

  44. Never!

    No one ever put Tejada in the ballpark or even universe that Doc and Darryl were in.

    Not even close!!!!

  45. people expected a break out of the kid. Ike was a break out. lightening in a bottle.
    his glove is good. now his bat has to wake up. much of the trades were a grasping at straws and based on spring training numbers.

    To me when you pull a 19 year old or a 20 year old before they are seasoned into the big leagues there’s reasons. Its either desperation or aspiration..

  46. Show me one person who said anything close to expecting Tejada to break out like Straw.

    I mean, honestly, have you seen his Minor League numbers and size?

  47. 54. thats my opinion. yours is different.
    size has nothing to do with talent.
    i would use dykstra as an example but he was juiced. however not much bigger than tejada is reyes. and straw was tall lean and not built like an animal. take your pick then. but hey like i have said. its what i see its what gets discussed post and pre game.
    take a kid out the minors and hope.. thats what i heard. maybe i heard wrong..

  48. 54, you know what gary. u r right i am wrong. you have an agenda whther its to pick a fight with me or what i am not sure.
    you made comments and I agreed with them .because they were valid and the funny ones were just that.. if you dont want to agree thats fine.. but to pick apart my words and find fault. i am not up for it. its bloody hot..

    enjoy the night.

  49. You heard wrong.

    Nobody with that frame ever did anything big with power numbers. Legitimately.

    Here’s his Minor League numbers.

    If you want, you can say anybody could be anything. You could even believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. That doesn’t mean that you’re correct.

    REYES, STRAW, and the like SHOWED something in the Minors. Tejada’s numbers are borderline dreadful.

  50. then it was desperation .. or his glove.
    you choose. have a good night dude..
    i watch players. i look at stats on occasion. i dont fight numbers.. unless its unfair taxes. have a good one.

  51. 57.
    134 553 488 59 141 24 3 5 46 19 3 37 59 .289 .351 .381 .732 186 11 11 15 2 1

    dreadful? this is why i dont talk numbers. everyone wants a 300+ guy.

    you know what. his OBP is pretty damned good compared to most. and why i rather watch a player ,.. because obvious a .381 and a .351 OBP is terrible.

  52. you wont get an argument from me because there isnt any. everyone has something they monitor. people like numbers good.
    I watch the player.

    interesting discussion. but time for dinner and i need to just relax. take care .

  53. His Minor League numbers ARE dreadful.

    At best, he’s a backup infielder.

    You’re calling him the next Straw or Reyes?

  54. You could think your lottery ticket will win you 25 million dollars too.

    You could think that some porn star wants you in bed.

    Both would be equivalent to thinking Tejada could be Straw/Reyes.

  55. 39


    you go to a blog to exchange ideas. minor grammatical errors are just that.

    how does a mistake in grammar or spelling detract from the idea? it doesn’t unless you want it to.