Only when Jose is ready.

REYES: Bring him back when he's ready.

I wasn’t thrilled to hear Jerry Manuel say he was hoping to have Jose Reyes back by Tuesday so he could bat right handed against Reds lefty Travis Wood.

There was such indecisiveness in the statement, in that it implies Reyes be available from one side of the plate but not another. That’s another way of rushing him back, which only means he’s not ready.

Personally, if Reyes isn’t ready by Tuesday, I’d be more inclined to back date him on the DL and give him this week and the All-Star break to get ready for the second half.

You don’t want Reyes available for one side of the plate and not the other. Pushing him into that scenario is a prelude for re-injury.

3 thoughts on “Only when Jose is ready.

  1. because this organization is stupid.

    the gm and his office needs to do the right thing. not hurt what many consider the franchise player.

  2. they seemed pretty cautious with pagan, so hopefully they are doing so again. they know if reyes is reinjured there will be hell to pay.

  3. JD, I want to get back to a suggestion I had a while back about finding a starting pitcher for the stretch run. I was checking the minors and the top two levels are almost bare with no pitching at all. I dont think they have enough to get lee or any other top pitcher without mejia and now hes hurt. Once again may I present Brett Myers. He has a .500 record for a bad houston team and a very decent 3.57 era. He is an innings eater too with 113 ip at the halfway mark. his contract is very reasonable by todays standards. plus he is battle tested in the world series, is versatile (could be moved to bullpen) and would probably love to beat the phillies and drive thier fans crazy. nobody knows about him so he should come cheap. whats not to like?