Mets Chat Room; A lot to look forward to.

Game #83 vs. Reds

Let’s face it, if you were promised ten games over .500 and second place by two games at the start of the season you would have taken it and not looked back.

Yet, that’s where the Mets are despite a handful of negatives, which, if turned around in the second half should have them in contention down the stretch.

First, the Mets have been without Carlos Beltran for the entire first half and are expected to have him back after the All-Star break.

Secondly, they’ve been without Jose Reyes and are again, albeit this time the absence shouldn’t be long. Still, he played enough to make the All-Star team.

Third, ten walk-off losses and several other near misses tells us the bullpen has been spotty at times. Francisco Rodriguez is always an adventure. However, should the Mets acquire another starter – whether by trade or the return of Oliver Perez – Hisanori Takahashi will go back to the bullpen where he’s been highly effective.

Fourth, the Mets have got next to nothing power wise from Jason Bay. Traditionally a streaky hitter, if he goes on a tear it would be like acquiring a bat in a trade.

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  1. Here’s tonight’s lineup:

    Pagan, CF
    Tejada, SS
    Wright, 3B
    Davis, 1B
    Bay, LF
    Francoeur, RF
    Barajas, C
    Cora, 2B
    Pelfrey, RP

  2. Hi John –
    So, Reyes is still out of the lineup – he’d better get healthy soon so he can play in the All Star Game.

  3. FIRST INNING: Pelfrey hasn’t had an easy go of it lately. He’s given up first inning runs in each of his last five starts.-JD

  4. John – You see more of Ike Davis than I do, is he really as good as I think he is? I’m particularly impressed with his play at first base.

  5. BOTTOM FIRST INNING: Manuel hopes Reyes will be available tomorrow. But, if he’s not ready today, it’s not likely he’ll be ready tomorrow.-JD

  6. When David’s name came up on the TBS show yesterday at noon about the All Stars, I was pleased to see that both Dennis Eckersly and Cal Ripken had very nice things to say about David. So did David Wells, but I’m never sure about what he says about anything.

  7. Annie (15): Wright had his problems early, but he’s put it all together. He deserves the credit and praise he’s receiving.-JD

  8. Tatis was in the game yesterday at some point I believe, but then so was everybody. What’s wrong with him?

  9. A bit off topic, but in that same TBS noon time program El Duque’s name was mentioned and David Wells said that he is sure he is younger than El Duque and is there a team who wants him? David is 47.

  10. You should see him – he’s put on an awful lot of weight.

    Any way I can’t wait to see when El Duque when he appears. I can’t remember, has he ever been on the same pitching staff with his half brother? Somehow I think yes.

  11. Very cool here in my office – breeze comes in the sliders and temp outside is 79.

  12. John (28) Yes, I remember, is there any way to keep Jerry Manuels hands off him and forget about the pitch count? I think Santana could have pitched the rest of that game on adrenalin alone.

  13. hi, did anybody catch my take on the mets chances of getting lee or any other frontline starter on the reyes thread? I was hoping for some feedback.

  14. Ray, Sunday’s NY Post had an article in the business section about Fred Wilpon taking out a second mortgage and the possibility that the team may be sold. I did not see the article.

  15. John (40) Very unfortunate for Pelfrey – he’s been so good up to now. However this team has showed some resiliency this season and now would be a good time for more. Who’s the new pitcher? Oh the new guy for Tatis – Raul Valdez.

  16. sorry about the delay.
    31. annie, alot of mets fans would be happy if wilpon sold the team.
    32. JD, my plan would only matter if pelfry and santana hold up their end of the bargain. anyway, the lee talk is just hot air imo.

  17. John – looks like the Mets are at least trying to close the gap – this is new this year, isn’t it?

  18. I almost tuned out when pelf got shelled. this is a different team. the fightin metsies.

  19. It’s a new day for the Mets – shall we credit Omar with these new guys?

  20. 49. annie. Omar gets credit for some of it, but this is still reyes and wrights team. pre omar era. His small finds are very good. especially dickey. btw jerry wants a set up man? has anybody noticed the year putz is having for chicago? who did omar get for him? coulda kept wagner too. bullpen once again a major weakness. 10 walkoffs attest to that.

  21. John (51) Between Nieve and Niese, and the two Felicianos I sometimes get confused.

  22. Ray (54): Ten walkoffs in only half a season is really an amazing number when you think about it. The bullpen has been a problem since 2006.-JD

  23. Ray (54) To be honest I rarely try to evaluate players from other teams. I don’t care about trades etc. that’s business and Omar can handle it.

  24. 56. omar obviously doesnt listen to howie on the fan who was on a rant yesterday about how much the mets need another lefty in the pen. How much better would this team be if they kept wagner for one more year as the 8th inning guy? our loss is atlantas gain but at least wilpon saved some money.

  25. Ray (58): Funny, but Wagner is on the ballot for the fan vote for the final All-Star spot. So is Heath Bell. K-Rod is not.-JD

  26. 57. ok, then to make a long story short, for the amount of money he has been given to spend, he hasnt done a very good job imo. one playoff appearance in 6 years aint cutting it.

  27. 59. if the braves didnt have wags and we did how much of a swing in games would that make? how many games has the bullpen cost santana since hes been here? krod is just another bad contract that mets fans cant wait to expire.

  28. 62. a day late and a dollar short. lets hope he has learned. mid season trades have not been his forte either.

  29. Howie has put this exciting game “In The Books” and I may save this one.

    During this game, problems ensued for the pitcher Pelfrey, who was pulled. The Reds piled up the runs, but then in the next inning the Mets piled up the runs until they were only one short. That’s team spirit and I like it.

    So, the Reds are here again tomorrow and Johan Santana gets his turn at them. He knows what he has to do.

    Tomorrow’s game is at 7PM.

    See you then.

  30. A QUICK WRAP/Game #83

    FINAL: Reds 8, Mets 6.
    RECORD: 46-37.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Unnerved after a couple of calls that went against him, Mike Pelfrey unraveled in a six-run fifth. The Mets came back with five, but after that couldn’t touch the Reds’ pen.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey gave up seven runs on nine hits in 4 2/3 innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Jason Bay drove in his 42nd run. … Angel Pagan homered to jumpstart a five-run fifth.
    IN THE FIELD: Ike Davis continues to look slick with the glove. … Ruben Tejada shows a lot of range at shortstop. … Jeff Francoeur gunned down Joey Votto at third in the ninth.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana tomorrow night against the surging Reds.-JD

  31. Unfortunately, Mike Pelfrey has plummeted fast and hard back to Earth. He has had a great first half, but I’m not completely concinced he’ll be money in the bank in the second half.

  32. Oops. I mean “convinced.” Must be the Grey Goose and cranberry juice affecting my spelling! :)

  33. Overall they played well. pitching is still wavering.
    I was happy to see manuel do the right thing and go out and argue and get thrown out.
    also when he protected barajas (sic?)
    But i still think the pitching is being micro managed and its showing..

    Interesting Trading blunder discussion when Omar was GM for different team. he traded away big talent. interesting.
    lets see what today brings.