Mets Chat Room; Need to fix a late-inning leak.

Game #82 at Nationals

Ten walk-off losses for a season sounds high, let alone 10 for the first half. That’s the number after Frankie Rodriguez’s latest meltdown yesterday.

“The worst performance I ever had in my life,’’ he called yesterday afternoon’s ninth inning, which for all practical purposes was over before Adam Dunn’s game-tying drive off the wall.

Walking Cristian Guzman on four pitches to open the ninth was as bad a sign as there is.

Rodriguez’s implosion made Stephen Strasburg a footnote and threw away what would have been RA Dickey’s seventh win.

Ten walk-off losses out of 36 is way to high a percentage and is something the Mets must address immediately. For all the talk about the eighth inning, a band-aid needed to be put on the ninth, too.

“We have our issues,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “We can’t have an issue at the end of the game.’’

But, they do.

While the Mets’ bullpen is an issue heading into the break, so to is Jose Reyes’ health. Reyes, who has a strained right oblique, won’t play again today at Washington and is now questionable for the Reds series starting tomorrow at Citi Field.

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  1. I saw the TBS program about the All Star Game – David Wright and Jose Reyes were chosen.

  2. Bases loaded — two infield hits and a hit batter. 6-4-3 double play gets the Mets out of the 6th inning.

  3. Score still 9-3 at the end of the inning. Pedro Feliciano now pitching for the Mets.

  4. Bottom of the seventh – Mets lead by 6 – Pedro walks Nyjer Morgan – Guzman singles to right Dunn – Zimmerman singles and Morgan scores. Dunn strikes out. Score is now 9-4. Willingham strikes out to end the inning.

  5. Top of the Eighth, Score 9-4 Mets. due up:
    Davis, Bay, Francoeur. Side retired in order.

  6. Bottom of the Eighth – Ryota Igarashi now pitching for the Mets. Adam Kennedy triples, Nieves lines to center, Kennedy scores, (now 9-5) side retired.

  7. Top of the Ninth – score 9-5 Mets – Barajas and Tejeda fly out and Feliciano doubles, Dunn walked intentionally, Alex Cora up. Side is retired.

  8. Bottom of the Ninth: Parnell pitching for the Mets. Score 9-5 Mets.
    First two Nationals get on base.
    K-Rod – comes in to pitch – runners on first and third. One out.
    K-Rod gets second out.
    Third out by Ike Davis – game over.

  9. Howie has put this game “In The Book” –

    Tomorrow’s game is at Citi Field when Cincinatti comes in for the first of three 7PM Games.

    See you then.

  10. i was looking at the last 3 days.

    in 2/3 of an inning Krod gave up 5 hits and 3 walks.

    in the last game he pitched one inning and got a save. i am not sure how that happens with a 4 run lead.

    what constitutes a save these days? that you show up and your team wins?

    i would like to say that krod is just going through a bad stretch, but he has been this way all season and last season he wasnt very good either.

    i think he has only one more year on his contract. right?

    unfortunately we have no good relievers in the system. perhaps bobby p will learn to pitch by then.

  11. I am not happy how M&M handled the relief pitching. He’s been playin that whole lefty righty. Listen on the long drive home. the last few innings .. and listened to them question why with an 8-0 they took out the pitcher. i wondered myself.